A global quantum technology hub will be set up at KPMG in Denmark. The hub is launched by KPMG Global, which has appointed KPMG in Denmark as a new quantum leader, as the Danish part of the firm for a long time has been spearheading know-how within the area. The new hub collaborates with leading Danish universities and research institutions.

The focus of the hub is on applied quantum technology and knowledge within the three main areas of the second quantum revolution: ultra-precise measurements using quantum sensors, computational speed-up on quantum computers and improvements in cybersecurity using quantum cryptography.

“It makes perfect sense to place this hub in Denmark as Danish universities and companies have remained quantum front-runners since Niels Bohr presented his theory of quantum mechanics. Due to a long tradition of quantum physics education in Denmark, there exists a large competency pool and KPMG in Denmark is extremely proud that we can now take an important next step building on our quantum legacy,” says KPMG’s Senior Manager and Ph.D. in Quantum Mathematics, Troels Steenstrup Jensen, who is now Head of the Quantum Hub.

Although quantum computers are still not broadly applicable for all businesses, some areas of quantum technology have matured a lot in recent years. One such area is quantum key distribution (QKD) which enables safe data communication that cannot be hacked, not even by quantum computers.

Another aspect of quantum computing that has been available for some time is the area known as quantum annealing. Here, quantum effects are used to dramatically speed up a certain class of optimisation problems through special purpose quantum chips.

The Quantum hub is currently collaborating with a Danish research university in applying quantum annealing to algorithms relevant for trading and risk management.