Machine learning

Machine Learning (ML) is a rapidly evolving technology that can influence and improve many of your daily operations such as reducing churn, discovering fraud, and increasing sales.

Our team of Data Scientists and Machine Learning engineers offer pre-built Machine Learning components and solutions as well as end-to-end Machine Learning implementations of the technology. We strive to be at the leading-edge of emerging developments in this field, pioneering new areas such as Federated Machine Learning and Quantum Technologies.

Artificial Intelligence prevents credit card fraud at Nets

Bent Dalager from KPMG and Sune Gabelgård from Nets explain the necessity of using artificial intelligence to fight against fraud today. 


We have experience with getting Machine Learning to work in a wide variety of industries by having a clear focus of getting models into production and ensuring value realisation.

Some of our machine learning offerings are:

  • Development and deployment of end-to-end Machine Learning solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Kickstart ML by helping your organisation get started with Machine Learning and showing the rest of the organisation the value of ML.
  • Data scan of your organisation to help you understand how Machine Learning can impact your operations and generate concrete business value, by forming a cohesive view of the complex solutions and opportunities Machine Learning can provide for you.
  • Boost and deploy existing ML efforts to address if you have started with ML but not gotten the value out of it you were expecting. We can help increase value realisation by boosting and deploying existing models as well as ensuring organisational

Being infrastructure agnostic, we can help regardless of your technical and organisational setup – working both in the cloud and on-premise.
All of this ensures you get real value out of your data and Machine Learning models.


Quantum Technologies

Quantum Technologies have many benefits for multiple industries. For example, companies in financial services, logistics, pharmaceutical, and biotech research would benefit significantly from the technology. These industries require detailed and complex processes with large quantities of data input requiring extremely quick results.

KPMG is one of very few organisations to offer Quantum Technology services, to both educate and deliver value.

Our Quantum Technology offerings are:

  • Executive Quantum Education
  • Strategy and Roadmap for Quantum
  • Quantum Risk Assessment
  • Quantum Communication PoC
  • Quantum computing PoC

Read more about our work with Quantum Tech below. 


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