Many businesses struggle to ensure that their sales reps can deliver accurate quotes supported by price- and product rules that are configured directly in their CRM system.

Salesforce CPQ allows you to take your quoting process to the next level. It allows the user to stay in the Salesforce environment throughout the entire sales process, from initial contact to document generation and signing. CPQ integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Sales Cloud, allowing your organisation to take advantage of every data point in your CRM, for the optimal quoting experience.

Salesforce CPQ users are seeing significant returns on their investments. Politico reports a 17% average revenue contribution and Mitsubishi shows a 50% increased ROI in quote-to-cash.

Features of Salesforce CPQ

CPQ allows you to configure your products to fit any sales model and supports bundling, add-ons, subscription pricing, product dependencies, and much more. Furthermore, CPQ helps increase the bottom line of your organisation with an accurate pricing logic set at product level that supports any pricing model.

When a user has created a quote for a client in CPQ, they are able to instantly generate a document containing all the relevant data that is already stored in your CRM system, as well as an overview of all quoted products with their respective prices, discounts, totals, etc. When an order is complete, you can view all active subscriptions and any purchases your customers have made, making renewals and upsell opportunities much clearer. CPQ contains multiple features that can be tailored to fit your organisation’s business case:

•        Create product dependencies or exclusions to assist sales reps in the quoting process

•        Increase profitability by allowing sales reps to configure bundles in the quoting process to customise offerings to client needs

•        Utilise your centralised data to keep an eye on your customer and iterate your sales process for optimal delivery

•        Send documents directly to customers from Salesforce with all products and prices.

How can we help?

In Customer & Growth at KPMG, we are multiple certified and highly skilled individuals ready to help your organisation by identifying the right strategy for your CPQ implementation.

We have prepared a report which gives you insight into the value of the CRM solution Salesforce CPQ. Feel free to download the report for free below.