Based on KPMG's global framework, Powered Enterprise, we help transform financial processes and reduce financial risks through better execution and follow-up on internal controls.

Powered Enterprise is a framework based on KPMG leading practices for how companies’ Target Operating Model should look like for streamlined processes and efficient internal controls. In other words, our framework allows one to start with a model answer on how the elements of the operating model should work together and be implemented to comply with leading practices and regulations. Our approach begins with a gap analysis against our framework to identify opportunities for improvement within your financial processes. We then develop a roadmap that includes technology-enabled initiatives to standardise and automate processes, aimed at achieving a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness.

To support process optimisation, process mining can be utilised to gain a deeper understanding of financial processes at a transactional level. This allows for data-based identification of process variants, degrees of automation, inherent / quantification of risks, etc. We can provide expert support in data model design, dashboard analysis, implementation, as well as building competencies to enable you to continue leveraging process mining as a tool on your own.

In addition, we can help establish a robust control environment for monitoring risks and implementing financial controls. This includes the development of a controls catalogue, design and implementation of controls in common GRC tools, continuous control monitoring and automation, as well as employee training to ensure new processes are fully embedded within your organisation.

Our primary service offerings are:

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Process Optimisation

Analyse, design and implement operational processes:
  • Gap analysis against good practice
  • Target state process design for processes and policies
  • Automation and ERP template validation for rollout
  • Roadmap and implementation
  • Fast close and working capital

Process Mining

Create insights through process mining:
  • Design of data model
  • Analysis of process performance
  • Key process insights and recommendations
  • Facilitation of workshops for action improvement initiatives
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Risks and Controls

Strengthening of the control environment for financial controls:
  • Governance model
  • Design of controls catalogue
  • Implementation of GRC tools
  • Continuous controls monitoring an automation
  • Training of control performers

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