Finance functions face immense pressures in keeping up with the pace of a rapidly changing and complex business environment. At KPMG, we believe that firms should take a holistic view across their internal support functions in order to yield the greatest returns. Transforming these functions require precisions and expertise of Global Business Services (GBS) marketplace leaders.

At CFO Advisory, we consult clients on the subject of Finance Transformation and Operating Model to support the transition of their finance function into a truly strategic role. Our services help facilitate the transformation process, including design and implementation of new finance operating models, as well as rethinking and optimising finance processes.

Furthermore, we help clients align their business services management model with an emphasis on common processes, technology and services on an enterprise delivery platform.

GBS represents a transformational journey in business services. While there are common design principles, there is no ‘one size fits all’ model. That is why our experienced team is ready to help our clients design their business services to align and enable the strategic priorities of the company.

KPMG helps the CFO formulate a clear vision and strategy for the finance function as well as analysing its performance. Our methodology includes mapping and evaluating the "as-is" to form clear recommendations on how to transform into a future operating model that includes assessments of technologies, digital enablers, competencies and governance.

Our team builds on years of experience, best practice and proprietary tools and benchmarks to support our customers' transformation journey. We put strategy within the context of practical execution, and put strong focus on developing strategies and solutions that are actionable to implement.

KPMG’s Finance Target Operating Model Framework

The Finance Target Operating Model (FTOM) framework describes how the leading Finance function is designed, structured and operated in the most efficient and cost effective way across six key dimensions. 

Powered Enterprise - Target Operating Model

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