KPMG has just launched a comprehensive plan to bring the global professional services firm to ”Net Zero” emissions in 2030, 20 years earlier than stipulated by the Paris Agreement. In addition, the plan, called ”Our Impact Plan”, includes a number of other benchmarks such as inclusion, the environment, equality and biodiversity as well as employees' community work

With Our Impact Plan, KPMG takes the consequence and follows years of our own advice on sustainability and our work within CSR. The plan sets specific and ambitious goals when it comes to climate, people and prosperity and encourages employees to participate in community work. Because of KPMG's 227,000 employees and presence in 146 countries the launch of Our Impact Plan has an extensive global potential.

900 hours of community work in 2020

In 2020, KPMG’s employees have contributed with more than 900 pro bono hours to e.g. Julemærkefonden (the Christmas Seal Foundation), Red Barnet (Save the Children) and EventyrJul (Fairy Tale Christmas). A significant part of those hours has been used on projects like Mind Your Own Business Academy and Velkommen Hjem (Welcome Home). Those two projects support young people from disadvantaged housing areas in getting started with a business idea and veterans in exploring what their military qualifications can be used for in a civilian career. The latter is done through mentoring programmes where eight senior employees from KPMG help veterans adjust their military skills to civilian work. As a result of this programme, one of the veterans has been employed by KPMG.

”Our business is based on our employees' well-being and passion for contributing to a sustainable future. KPMG in Denmark is part of the community, and with Our Impact Plan we have created a collective platform enabling us to navigate these challenges whether it is a matter of equality, human rights, climate change, the environment or economic sustainability, ” says Henrik R. Mulvad.

Our Impact Plan consists of four main approaches



In 2030, KPMG has to be a CO2-neutral organisation that does not emit more greenhouse gases than the planet can absorb, and we have to e.g. reach a goal of only consuming 100% green electricity. This goal was reached by KPMG's headquarters in Copenhagen in January 2020.


KPMG's partnerships with UNESCO and other organisations ensure education and lifelong learning. Through our recently launched KPMG IMPACT network we support our clients on their journey towards sustainability and we contribute to drafting the future ESG agenda.


In 2020, we updated our global Code of Conduct and our Values. We also use our position and expertise to help harmonise the handling and reporting of ESG efforts.


In 2020, a plan was implemented on diversity, equality and contribution to a positive development of society through voluntary services, the Collective Action Plan. The plan is based on input and participation from thousands of employees in KPMG.

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