In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting business paradigms, the IT function is undergoing a seismic shift.

The forces of this change include the proliferation of the public cloud, everything-as-a-service (XaaS), advancing AI capabilities and other evolving technologies. The result will not only reshape IT systems and infrastructures, it will reimagine and redefine the very role of IT within organisations.

The future of IT

Companies are rushing to be more agile, more collaborative, and to deliver what today’s customers demand. At the center of this story is IT.

Are IT leaders ready to seize their moment?

At KPMG, we believe IT can become the driving force behind the successful integration and application of technology into strategy, operations, people and customers, and in turn create innovative, resilient, sustainable and data-driven organisations.

Getting here, however, will likely take intentional, strategic action that should begin today. In our latest outlook – The future of IT – we outline the six trends that require immediate consideration: XaaS, data, cyber resilience, talent, innovation and ESG.

Read the full paper to find out the specific actions that can help you transform into the IT of the future your organisation needs.

Future of IT

The future of IT

Strategies to advance the IT function in a cloud and AI-enabled era

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The 6 trends demanding action

Insights from our paper discuss the impact of digitisation on IT’s mission and value proposition, focusing on the following six capabilities: 

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XaaS champion

Are you prepared to run an extensive XaaS suite with appropriate internal and external governance over partners and vendors and adjusted financial systems and policies?


Have you re-imagined a data-mature IT function that progresses from enabling processes to delivering data management excellence to support the organisation’s competitive edge?

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Are you building enterprise-wide awareness of cyber threats and vulnerabilities, while creating the systems and culture to enable real-time recovery and long-term resilience?

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Innovation at velocity

Are you driving collaboration and coordination to accelerate innovation and help your enterprise redefine how it reaches customers and employees, and optimises supply chains?

Talent incubator

Are you effectively collaborating with HR to rethink how to attract and develop a more diverse and dynamic workforce that will create an exciting future workplace?

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Responsible operations

Do you fully understand IT’s contribution to the company’s ESG strategy and performance to drive growth and employee retention, and reduced regulatory and reputational risks?

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