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AI is transforming nearly every field of human endeavour and is increasingly embedded in everyday life, businesses and society. Organisations consider AI and machine learning as the most important technologies for achieving their short-term ambitions and 70% of CEOs consider Generative AI to be the top of their investment priority in the near future. 

It’s not just companies who are currently focused on AI – the EU has also recently passed the AI Act, the first regulation on artificial intelligence, which outlines the rules for building and using AI in the EU. It is therefore more important than ever to develop a good understanding of AI and to secure the foundations to harness its benefits.

By combining deep industry expertise and process know-how with leading technology alliances, our employees are accelerating value from AI and making the difference for clients, people and communities.

Three most common benefits of AI and automation:

1. Supported new business development
2. Enhanced customer engagement
3. Raised employee satisfaction levels

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As KPMG harnesses the power of AI and accelerates adoption, we recognise that advanced technologies can introduce complexity and risks that should be addressed clearly and responsibly. We are excited about AI's opportunities but also equally committed to deploying the technology in a way that is responsible, trustworthy, safe and free from bias.

We are heavily invested in teaching others about the opportunities that AI offers - and at the same time we also want to shed light on the wide range of questions in relation to e.g ethics, law, governance, risk management and personal data protection that result from implementing AI.

On this page, we have gathered our upcoming events and courses where you can get a perspective on AI and how to leverage it in your organisation. Further down the page, you can also see our latest insights on AI and new technologies in general.