In July 2023, KPMG and ServiceNow announced a further expansion to a long-standing global alliance, in order to build for the future in key business domains such as finance, supply chain, procurement operations, as well as IT, HR, ESG, cybersecurity and risk management.

To tap into the multibillion-dollar opportunity for finance and supply chain solutions, KPMG and ServiceNow both bring their respective strengths to the table. This collaborative effort merges the deep expertise and industry insights of KPMG professionals with ServiceNow's recent introduction of AI-powered workflows (e.g. Finance and Supply Chain Workflows) to optimise operations and enhance employe experiences across both firms.

By combining their technical and professional services, the two organisations will further develop in the key areas of intelligent automation, low-code development, generative AI and enterprise risk management.

  • Intelligent Automation: Complex procurement processes will be streamlined through intelligent automation, reducing non-value-added tasks and significantly improving cycle times for KPMG clients.
  • Low-Code Development: ServiceNow's Clean Core ERP with App Engine, a low-code development tool, will allow clients and KPMG employees to build custom applications tailored to unique business needs, while enhancing user experiences.
  • Generative AI: KPMG firms will incorporate ServiceNow's generative AI capabilities into their operations, enhancing self-service and work experience for both employees and clients. This will reduce necessary procurement and supplier inquiry resources, freeing time for critical business imperatives.
  • Enterprise Risk Management: Through KPMG's risk and procurement expertise and ServiceNow's workflows, automated security and compliance monitoring will be integrated into offerings to help organizations continuously track high-impact risks and ensure regulatory compliance.

All future co-developments achieved by this expanded partnership will be grown from KPMG and ServiceNow’s deep-rooted alliance already in place. For the second year in a row, KPMG has been recognised as the 2023 ServiceNow Worldwide Transformation Partner of the Year, for delivering game-changing digital solutions that help to significantly transform organizations through outstanding value and impact.

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