With Microsoft's Power Platform, you have access to a wealth of opportunities to automate processes, create customised apps and develop interactive dashboards. But many businesses face challenges getting started and ultimately realising the full potential of the platform.

Microsoft Power Platform is a powerful tool for automation - and we have now developed a toolbox that makes the platform even stronger and ensures value for your business. We call it an Intelligent Automation (IA) Booster, which consists of four Booster Assets built specifically for the Power Platform, making it easier for your organisation to take the first steps on your automation journey. The toolbox, among other things, include  a 'Pipeline tool', a 'Benefit tracker', a 'Performance dashboard' and a detailed description of a Governance model including templates and methods, which in interaction with the IA Booster process can become yours, and which guarantees value creation in your company in both the short and long term.


Governance model & IA tools

A detailed description of the IA lifecycle, roles and responsibilities supported by templates, coding standards and methods for building a solid IA foundation.

Benefit tracker

A dashboard for tracking and visualizing the benefits to the wider organisation.


Performance dashboard

Designed especially for the Power Platform – an operational dashboard for internal tracking of performance and SLA’s.

Pipeline tool

A PowerApp based tool to support the lifecycle, generate data-insights for improving the flow and identifying the good process candidates.

But what is a benefit tracker and a pipeline tool, and how does it work? We won't go into deeper detail here, but what you need to know is that these tools are all designed to raise the level of the Power Platform and give your company the necessary insight and control over your automation platform. The IA Booster provides both the opportunity to reap the benefits quickly while we create a solid IA foundation for the future of your business.

Get an overview of the value creation

In addition to the four assets, with the IA Booster we have defined all the phases, including roles, responsibilities and methods that we know you need to go through - or use - to uncover all aspects of a process, drive a cultural change and increase value creation. In addition, we have developed and designed templates and tools that can support and help create a solid IA foundation.

With the IA Booster, you can be sure that your organisation will get the help you need from start to finish. This ensures that you get the best possible experience with the Power Platform, so you can realise your full potential. By the end of the IA Booster course, all assets, templates and tools will be customised to your organisation and from then on: yours.

If you want to learn more about how the IA Booster can create value for your organisation in both the short and long term, please contact us below. We're happy to share our experience - we're sure we can help you!