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Our annual report 2022 ‘’A team always beats the sum of individuals’’ portrays a recap of the past year at KPMG Acor Tax, where we recorded another solid revenue of DKK 474 mill.

During continued economic and geopolitical uncertainty, robust numbers and consistent growth were achieved across all our service areas in 2022. The financial results are proof of our extraordinary people, successful 360-degree mindset and agility.

We would like to thank our clients, business partners and people for their ongoing trust in our firm.

Our highlights at a glance

22 %

Revenue growth


Employees and partners


Different nationalities

52 /48

Female/male ratio (%)

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Annual Report 2022

A team always beats the sum of individuals

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Head of People

Our people: At the heart of our business

Our culture discovery journey continued in 2022 following our ambition of building a culture for success. Following our culture development plan aiming to discover, define and commit, we involved the whole organisation in a constructive dialogue about our core values providing deeper insights about our current and future view of our culture.

The output of this immersive process was identifying a distinct set of core values making our unique culture more tangible, relatable and a lot more manageable because we are now able to see and apply the values that underlie the everyday actions.

Read more about how we build a culture for success (page 10).

Building trust with our clients

At KPMG Acor Tax, our 360-degree approach and our digital mindset are fundamental to how we go to market and work together internally. This holistic approach fosters sustainable solutions and loyal clients, who we support through all complexities they may face. 

Our cross-functional collaboration and deep understanding of clients’ specific demands are fundamental preconditions of our success.

We collaborate closely with organisations of all shapes and sizes across a broad range of tax and technology areas – whether navigating complex tax matters, getting ahead of future compliance requirements, driving processes and cost efficiencies, or rethinking the way in-house functions operate to drive better value.

Read more about how we work with our clients (page 8).

Thriving in a digital world

Technology continues to evolve, shape and transform how businesses function and people interact. For us it has been essential to start creating a digital mindset for all individuals and all teams. 

We are in particular proud of the tailored programme prepared and facilitated by DTU (Technical University of Denmark) for our internal Digital Now ambassadors under the name "Ready for the future − Digital technologies and digital transformation". Digital Now is the name of our own internal tech journey, with focus on commercial mindset, tools and skills, making us fit for the future.

We will continue to enhance our technology platform, enabling us to incorporate emerging technologies internally and externally. 

Read more about our digital mindset (page 12).

Inela og Joachim
Mille og Mads

Driving the responsible tax agenda

Tax can also be used to drive behavioural change. Specifically, we now see tax policy increasingly being deployed by governments around the world to incentivise decarbonisation and direct private investments where they are most needed in our common fight against climate change. For businesses, this means that heads of tax are to play a decisive role in their decarbonisation strategies, as companies’ tax strategy and management of environment-related taxes, incentives and grants will be a cornerstone for the delivery of their net-zero ambitions. 

Offering the best advice to our clients and helping companies navigate safely in this ever-changing world of tax requires us to uphold the highest moral and ethical standards. Our approach to responsible tax is set out in our Global Tax Principles.

Read more about our responsible tax agenda (page 13).


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Our Powerhouse

To ensure that we keep up the momentum that we have created up until, and throughout 2022, we recently launched our 2025 strategy. The title of our 2025 strategy is ‘Our Powerhouse’, because we believe that we are the Powerhouse of Tax, each of us mastering a field of expertise that we transform into solutions and value for our clients.

now and

The real power lies in our people, and the combination of their personal, technical and digital skills and the entrepreneurial mindset. Our people are at the heart of our business, and we are committed to empowering individual growth to shape a better future together.

in the future

Looking ahead, we are optimistic about the future, and we have set ambitious targets for the strategic journey ahead of us. We will reach those by growing together as individuals and thereby as a team. We will scale our core services, develop new ones and offer innovative solutions matching the needs of our clients. In the ever-changing tax landscape, we strive to be recognised as leading experts, driven by high quality and insights.

Together, we solve tax matters. Yours. Truly.


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