Does your IT landscape support the need of your business?

In a digital era where digital platforms, such as CRM systems, are main drivers for many companies with customer related data, the importance of how to get the most out of such platforms are becoming increasingly important.

Many companies find themselves being caught in a value gap, where inefficient platforms are not aligned with the business operations.

The path to delivering value through technology investment is often disrupted by emerging value gaps that haven’t been contemplated from the beginning, which create both a longer and more complex path to value delivery.

Some of the main issues that companies are currently facing when wanting to align the IT landscape with their business are:

  • Lack of benefit realisation
  • Data silos
  • Fragmented processes
  • Rigid technology

KPMG has over the years gathered extensive knowledge when conducting IT Roadmap Analysis and have become experts in delivering value in organisations. We have used our hands-on experience to create 6 concrete tips that will help your organisation to unlock value through the IT Roadmap approach.

To see how value can be unlocked through the IT Roadmap approach and get a greater insight into our approach, download the whitepaper below.