Driven by our people and technology

Our annual report 2021 ‘’Tax is our business – Driven by people and technology’’ portrays a recap of past year at KPMG Acor Tax, where we recorded another solid revenue of DKK 389 mill.

2021 was another year marked by change where we learned how to work and live differently. KPMG Acor Tax responded to this with genuine agility, both in the way we worked with our clients and how we collaborated internally.  

We continued to strengthen our partnerships with our clients, established partnerships with a substantial number of new clients, and sustained a high employee engagement rate. For some of our employees, 2021 meant another change when we moved our Aarhus office to new facilities in central Aarhus, providing the best environment and conditions for continued growth.

We would like to thank our clients, business partners and people for their ongoing trust in our firm.


Our highlights at a glance


We are people of all kinds

At KPMG Acor Tax, we are focused on sustaining and developing a caring, inclusive, purpose-led and value driven culture, where people feel safe and valued.


People Survey

2021 was another year where ambition, motivation, and energy were up for a test for teams and individuals. So, how do you tackle clients and employees while sustaining the organisational culture during a pandemic? And how do you ensure learning and development while navigating drastic changes not only nationally but globally? 

At KPMG Acor Tax the answer is simple, even though the task was not easy at times. People in the centre of everything we do. Every year all partners and employees are encouraged to participate in our Global People Survey. The survey provides valuable insight on employee engagement and motivation. We are very proud of the great results that came out in 2021 despite the pandemic. And we attribute those results to a resilient culture that we have created together – the sum of all the individuals and their contribution. We are thankful and honoured to have that. 

However, we have also learned a lot from the year behind us and gathered lots of input and insights from our people that we are converting into actions and initiatives - all with the purpose to ensure that we continuously provide best preconditions for our people to flourish personally and professionally. We stay committed to sustaining and further developing a caring, inclusive, purpose-led and value-driven culture for our people, where everyone feels safe and valued.

Meet some of our people

At KPMG Acor Tax we are passionate about tax and experts within our field. However, the people at KPMG Acor Tax are so much more than experts. We are people with a wide range of personal qualities that provides us with extraordinary set of social skills that is fundamental for our vision and goals. We believe that the sum of individuals make our culture unique.

Line Kronsbjerg

Meet Inela

“As an individual, I am driven by high ambition, energy and an urge to create impact and change. I thrive working in autonomous environments with people that genuinely play to each other’s strengths, and this is exactly what KPMG Acor Tax is about. A place where I feel empowered and encouraged to both fulfil my goals as a professional, but also as a dedicated and present mother of two boys in my private life.” - Director, Markets

Meet Morten

“As a father to a 2-year old boy with another baby on the way, it is necessary to keep a structured work-life-balance to enable time for everything that is important to me, such as dropping my son off at kindergarten, playtime and quality time together as a family. My wife and I are used to “partnering” and being a strong team together, in order to make the everyday challenges with kids as efficient, fun and smooth as possible. This links well to our KPMG Acor Tax culture, where we place a strong emphasis on teamwork internally, as well as “partnering” with our clients to solve challenging tax matters with a personal touch.” - Manager, Transfer Pricing

Line Kronsbjerg
Line Kronsbjerg

Meet Line

“When your job is such a great part of your everyday life, I think it is very important that you surround yourself with people that you genuinely like – also when going to work. It makes doing a good job so much easier, and I think that the KPMG Acor Tax culture is all about that.’’ - Senior Consultant, Corporate Tax

Meet Martin

“Both personally and professionally, I thrive in the space of solving complex matters together with passionate people. It is truly incredible what the collaboration between people and technology can do. I love solving seemingly impossible tasks, and enjoy pushing the technology agenda to the forefront of tax with our interesting clients and with the help of truly dedicated colleagues.’’ - Director, Tax Technology

Martin Frimodt

Shoulder to shoulder with our clients

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. At KPMG Acor Tax, we believe that strong and long-term relationships with clients are built on trust. Supported by a strong global network of highly-experienced professionals from across a wide range of functional service areas, we have delivered tailored and practical solutions to our clients during the past year. We care about our clients. We care about their license to operate. But we insist that our tax advice is accountable and sustainable – both in the short term and in the long term.

We shape the future of tax consultancy togeth­er with our clients, and we stay committed to providing tax advice of the highest professional standards, char­acterised by our 360-degree mindset and approach and supported by technology.

Technology ties the world of tax

In today’s complex tax and legal landscape, technology is key. It is one of the most important enablers of effective tax department design and delivery. At KPMG Acor Tax, we embrace technology in all our services and delivera­bles, and we have invested heavily in developing the tax technology field to secure our leading position.

2021 has been a truly transformational year within the digital and data management agenda at KPMG Acor Tax. Externally, we have witnessed an increased digitisation across all countries in which we and our clients operate. This has meant increased requests from our clients for services, where we can help them with real time data management and reporting in order to transform data insight into value. This also characterises new ways of working with data, where we see that authorities request increasingly more real time data directly from the clients.

Data is still the same, so it is all about what you make out of it and how you use it to create real value. We play an important role in helping our clients report correct data through managed services. Live reporting does not make the data better, but it does require solutions that help clients prepare for live reporting with correct data.

Staying ahead of the speedy tech development also means that we, amongst others, are working actively on getting ready for SAF-T real time reporting, which is ex­pected to be implemented in Denmark from 2024 as well as harvesting all the benefits that the cloud offers.

All changes require a platform and infrastructure that supports all our initiatives on corporate and service line levels. We need a secure and stabile infrastructure in order to keep the high risk and compliance standards that KPMG applies, while not slowing down the use of leading technology solutions.

We have built a solid foundation and invested heavily in upskilling our employees, both by providing additional learning and training to the existing ones and by recruiting new and very different profiles compared to the ones that we already have.

technology and people
technology and people
technology and people

Responsible tax as a lever for sustainability

As tax advisers, we are committed to upholding the highest moral and ethical standards when providing our clients with tax advice. We recognise that not only do we represent our clients’ tax, business and reputational interests, but we are also recognised experts in a highly technical area, often serving as a link between governments and taxpayers, providing commentary and insights to the media and to society in general. In 2017, following the launch of the Global Responsible Tax initiative, KPMG International defined a set of global tax principles, “Principles for a Responsible Tax Practice” – principles that we act consistently in accordance with.

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