Tax is being reimagined for today’s world. A world that has changed dramatically. Geopolitical shifts. Technological innovation. Globalization. New business and consumer demands. These trends are transforming the way tax leaders are thinking about tax.

The old country-by-country, tax-by-tax approach no longer works. Businesses increasingly want a strategic relationship with a partner who can travel the journey with them to a new target operating model for their tax and finance functions. A model that is digital, global, efficient and effective in unlocking strategic value.

Welcome to Tax Reimagined. A new framework, which brings together our tax knowledge and transformation skills, our leading technologies and our expertise in delivery across the world to meet the new demands businesses face.



The opportunity

At KPMG we have combined our technology, transformation and compliance capabilities under a new framework — Tax Reimagined. Deploying our solution architects and leveraging this framework, we can help you develop a strategy for your tax function and design a target operating model to help ensure execution; reduce costs, improve quality and unlock value from your tax and statutory function.

These days, tax makes headlines. This is the impetus to shift the conversation, to lay the foundation of an irresistible business case for investment in tax infrastructure. This takes the form of new tax operating models, technology tools and capabilities which are more adaptable and configurable to tax needs and flexible new ways of approaching sourcing. For example, large scale finance transformation projects and disruptors like emerging technologies means tax functions need new ways of working which, in turn, can also embed continuous improvement for sustainable change.

KPMG’s approach to developing a target operating model



The challenge

The volume and pace of change in the tax environment is unprecedented. Complex and uncertain times need different tools and skills to manage the business of tax. Yet, investment has lagged behind. Your workload has increased while your resources have diminished. You need to not only be compliant today but ready for the digital world of tomorrow. Meanwhile the business continues to demand tax support. What’s the answer?

Global trends disrupting the tax function