KPMG in Denmark has initiated a major new analysis highlighting the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis for the Danish business community. The analysis has resulted in the creation of the online tool, which produces macroeconomic and financial key figures, including the changes in consumer behaviour.

“Our ambition is to contribute with a comprehensive, constant and updated overview of how the crisis is likely to develop. Additionally, we want to continue to publish our views on the consequences this crisis has had and will continue to have for the Danish business community,” states Henrik R. Mulvad, CEO & Senior Partner, KPMG Denmark.

In addition to a current overview, the website also provides various data projections. These projections predict a loss of over 100,000 Danish jobs in 2020 as well as 4,500 bankruptcies as a consequence of COVID-19.

Compared with other European countries, Denmark is expected to recover relatively well from this crisis. This is partly due to the fact that Denmark has a reasonable balance between its imports and exports and because the country is not as dependent on tourism as other European nations.

Get the constantly updated overview of COVID-19’s consequences for society here.

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