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How can our Tax Transformation team assist you?

Tax matters might not be the drivers behind the risks but tax positions are affected by the decisions taken and the direction of your business. 

Our Tax transformation team leverage on the Lean Six Sigma principles and management consulting skills combined with hands-on experience from previous projects and assist companies with 

  • Define strategies for the tax agenda with direct link to policies
  • Create transparency on taxes, ensuring focus on tax risk management and thereby enabling proactive detection and take actions on risks and opportunities
  • Define and map processes, developing guidelines, procedures and workflows
  • Establish and strengthen tax control frameworks to ensure a robust control framework that mitigates risks
  • Design and review of process- and control changes for large global transformation projects 
  • Provide global intelligence on organisation and skill sets of a global tax function
  • Utilise KPMG's global tools to gain insights on big data in a direct and indirect tax perspective

How will you benefit?

Our team have immense experience combined with unique practical understanding of tax challenges and opportunities. We acknowledge the importance of a holistic approach to ensure that the final solution not only is fit to the purpose of the concrete assignment, but also make sure that the implementation is practical, efficient and does not have potential negative effect on other parts of your business. 

Why choose us?

Our Tax Transformation team consists of highly skilled professionals with various core competences within technical tax matters, process optimisation, strategy, technology and audit. We have extensive experience in defining and implementing tax strategies and continuously contribute to the success of a broad range of different projects across the operational tax agenda.

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