For a lot of people, managing dirty data is an everyday occurrence, and they spend each day mapping, adjusting, and compensating for dirty underlying data. There are no quick fixes as such but there is a way out of the mess.

Come join us when we zoom in on why data management is a weapon against dirty data, how technology can support you and how to create good results fast.
When data is dirty (e.g., missing, redundant, inaccurate, inconsistent, or just plain wrong), business processes don't work, analyses and reports are unreliable or flawed, and "good" decisions made on the basis of dirty data can ultimately turn out to be bad decisions. Our experience is that the businesses that manage to secure good data are the ones that win in the long run. They are the ones who can make good decisions, the ones whose processes after all run most efficiently, the ones who can provide the best customer service.
KPMG hosts this event together with exMon supported by Microsoft.

About exMon — a complete platform for managing data quality:
Take control of your data with ease - The exMon data management and quality platform can be broken down into three key solutions, that together, provide an all-in-one data quality solution for all of our client’s requirements. Our lightweight platform simply overlays onto your existing data and systems setup, offering a familiar environment with ease of use.


8:30 - 9:00: Arrival

9.00 - 9.15: Welcome and introduction to the agenda

9.15 - 9.45: What is the issue? Dirty data – the silent killer

9.45 - 10.15: How can technology help? Insights from Microsoft

10.15 - 10.30: Break

10.30 - 11.15: Breakout sessions: How do we create results fast?

11.15 - 11.45: Lunch and networking

Practical information

Date and time: Wednesday 4th October, 9:00-12:00

Address: Dampfærgevej 28, 2100 København Ø 

Parking: Parking is available in the parking basement below Amerika Plads. Parking expenses is not covered by KPMG.

Language: English



Mads Galatius: Mads is leading KPMG’s Data & Analytics team in Denmark. Mads has many years of experience from large and complex projects at both Danish and international companies.

Helle Heiskanen: Helle advises companies on how they can get control of their data quality and what is needed to succeed with data management in the long run. She is passionate about making more people aware of the opportunities that lie in having good data and working proactively with data quality. She wants to help the many thousands of employees who struggle with dirty data every day, and she wants to help companies get started with data management.

Jan Cordtz: Jan has been working within IT for +30 years, always working with a "Data-Centric Approach". Currently Jan is working at Microsoft as a Senior Cloud Solution Architect focusing on customers in public sector customers and controlled industries.
Jans data-centric competences covers the usage - both technical as well as business case wide - within the areas of IoT/IoE, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Warehouse, Data Quality, Security, Integration, OLAP/EPM, ETL/ELT, Integration, Cloud and databases.

Gunnar Steinn Magnusson: Gunnar comes with a background in Computer Science and an MBA. As the CEO of exMon he has been part of implementing more than 100 Data Governance and Master Data Management projects in both small and big organizations. This has brought extensive experience on how to develop a bottom-up data governance strategy to improve data quality and data platforms in various industries.

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