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KPMG will, in cooperation with Impero, host two webinars in March where the focus will be on the importance of internal controls and the associated value creation for your company as well as the journey from process to risks and controls.


The first webinar in this series is for you who want to learn more about why financial compliance is important and get an insight into the value that the right internal controls can contribute with to your organization and employees. This webinar is a repetition of a webinar held in May 2022 in Danish, but this time it will also be held in English.


The purpose of the second webinar in this series is to give you an introduction to how to get a good overview of the processes in your organization, in order to easily identify relevant risks related to the processes and thereby ensure that the right controls are designed and implemented to mitigate or reduce these risks.


Mikkel Westfahl Jørgensen - Senior Sales Manager, Impero
Morten Christensen - Head of Customer Success, Impero
Marco Gall - Manager, CFO Service, KPMG Denmark
Sandra Ebbesen – Senior Manager, CFO Service, KPMG

Target audience
Employees in the finance function of small and medium-sized enterprises and groups. These may be people with the following titles: CFO, Finance Manager, Financial Controller, Financial Compliance Specialist, Accounting Manager, Chief Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Manager, Finance Director, CFO, etc.

Practical information and sign up

Danish version of the webinar series:
  •  Webinar 13 March 2023 at 09:00-10.00: Derfor skal der være styr på interne kontroller
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  • Webinar 14 March 2023 at 09.00-10.00: Interne kontroller i praksis: Fra proces til risici og kontroller
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English version of the webinar series:
  • Webinar 21 March 2023 at 09.00-10.00: Why you must have internal controls set in place
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  • Webinar 22 March 2023 at 09.00-10.00: Internal controls in practice: From process to risks and controls
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Read more about the specific webinars below.

English version of the webinar series.


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