Sponsorship: Danish Digital Award

KPMG Denmark is a proud sponsor of the Danish Digital Award

KPMG Denmark is a proud sponsor of the Danish Digital Award

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This year, KPMG Denmark is a proud sponsor of the Danish Digital Award, as digital transformation is the core of our business - and what we work to create with and for our clients every day. KPMG is one of the fastest growing consulting and auditing firms in Denmark with more than 900 employees all over Denmark where we advise on artificial intelligence, process automation, CX, marketing automation, intelligent use of data, new technology within ESG and auditing - and much more .

This is precisely the diversity that the Danish Digital Awards support. With categories in everything from Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Data Science and The Greater Good - all forms of digital transformation are embraced, and digital work is no longer just limited to "advertising campaigns with added power". This is exactly what we would like to pay tribute to; that different competencies must coexist and be brought into play in order to create and operate more complex and business-oriented, digital solutions. All to create a real change for society, clients, and employees.

Our case with ROCKWOOL has been shortlisted

We are submitting cases ourselves, and we are proud to say that our case with ROCKWOOL and Vertic has been shortlisted in the “Customer Experience” and “Commerce” categories.

ROCKWOOL has been driving major digitalisation projects on an organisational-level in recent years. For many companies eCommerce platforms may be old news, but not for the building material industry, which is historically conservative, specifically regarding trade processes. ROCKWOOL therefore saw an opportunity to be the digital frontrunners and make a difference for their customers by introducing ROCKCOMMERCE, one of the best operational eCommerce platform in their industry.

With ROCKCOMMERCE, ROCKWOOL now offers a real-time self-service platform where customers have access to invoices, customer specific pricing, contracts, credit-limit, claims and complaints, order history and track & trace information.  In addition, it also includes a live chat function, which further limits the manual work demanded by ROCKWOOL’s customer service team.

Our team at KPMG has, among other things, conducted interviews with customers to gather valuable qualitative data and identified the three key e-commerce feature areas to prioritise:

  1. Improve Customer Loyalty
  2. Improve Sales
  3. Customer Service capacity increase (cost saving)

Besides this we have facilitated the collaboration between ROCKWOOL’s major and most relevant subsidiaries, addressing all relevant business processes and assisted in the roll out of ROCKCOMMERCE to five new markets. You can read more about the case here.

We are really looking forward to seeing all the great contributions of projects at the Award show on the 2nd of June 2022.

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