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  • Mats Berger

    Mats Berger: Director, Service Management

    Mats always puts a strong emphasis on structure, which probably explains his passion for best practice frameworks, operating models, governance and processes. He has worked with Service Management since the late 90’s, and been in charge of numerous implementation and transformation projects. Though VERY old in age, he is still curious about evolution in Service Management and disruption.

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  • Michael Birkebæk Jensen

    Michael Birkebæk Jensen: Partner, New technologies & ESG

    Michael is passionate about combining cutting edge technologies with ESG/Sustaibability, business and entrepreneurship. Through his work he seeks to create positive change across the entire ESG agenda both by changing and developing the way we work and in particular by helping our customers to work in new ways and create new products and services that contribute positively to the ESG agenda.

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  • Søren Dalby

    Søren Dalby: Managing Director, KPMG Acor Tax

    Søren is CEO and Partner at KPMG Acor Tax.

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  • Morten Eskerod

    Morten Eskerod: Director, Green energy transition

    Morten Eskerod is the head of our work with the green transition in Denmark. Morten has more than 21 years of experience from the energy sector, where he has worked has worked both as a consultant and in the industry itself. He has a specific focus on the link between business and technical aspects in the green transition including major construction projects.

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  • Thomas Steen Hansen

    Thomas Hansen: Director, Investor Relations

    Thomas Steen Hansen is heading KPMG’s Investor Relations Services where he helps companies manage and develop their communication with the capital markets and to increase their visibility among investors. He has 25 years of experience from the financial sector focusing on equity research, IPO’s, valuation, advisory of institutional investors, financial communication and ESG strategies.

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  • Helle Heiskanen

    Helle Heiskanen: Senior Manager, Data Management

    Helle advises companies on how they can get control of their data quality and what is needed to succeed with data management in the long run. She is passionate about making more people aware of the opportunities that lie in having good data and working proactively with data quality. She wants to help the many thousands of employees who struggle with dirty data every day, and she wants to help companies get started with data management.

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  • Holger Nikolaj Jensen

    Holger Jensen: Senior Manager, Green energy transition

    In his work, Holger Nikolaj Jensen focuses on green transition, especially in relation to energy and energy-related emissions. With experience from both Dansk Energi and the Climate Council, he has special expertise in regulation of the energy sector and natural monopolies, policy development and socio-economic impact assessments of the regulation.

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  • Francois Marlier

    Francois Marlier: Manager, Compliance Management & Transformation

    Francois Marlier is Manager, Compliance Management & Transformation at KPMG Acor Tax

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  • Polina Mironenko

    Polina Mironenko: Assistant Manager, Audit

    Polina is an auditor with more than 6 years of experience in auditing and advising Danish, as well as international, companies within a range of sectors including service, production and the financial service sector. She is also active in KPMG's Footprint Ally Group as well as Leaders 2050, both initiatives with focus on Sustainability and ESG.

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  • Niels Pedersen

    Niels Pedersen: Director, KPMG Denmark

    Niels is Director at KPMG, CFO Advisory, and advises on process optimization, compliance and internal controls. Niels has 20+ years of experience within consulting and leadership positions from global companies in the private sector. Niels is also responsible for KPMG's global framework, Powered Enterprise, which KPMG uses to assess, design and implement better processes within the finance function.

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  • Sabrina Rozenfeld Cederholm

    Sabrina Rozenfeld Cederholm: Senior Manager, KPMG Denmark

    Sabrina is a Senior Manager at KPMG with focus on optimization and automation of end-to-end finance processes. She has almost 8 years of experience as a consultant, and has helped many companies free up resources for more value-adding activities by supporting them in optimizing or transforming end-to-end finance processes. Sabrina also has 3 years of experience from a multinational as global process owner.

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  • mattias

    Matthias Schmitz: Senior Consultant, Customer & Growth

    Matthias advises companies on how to leverage technology to strengthen customer centricity and create value from customer data through cross-channel analytics. He is passionate about designing and implementing customer-centric solutions using CRM software and enjoys always staying up to date on the latest technology in the CRM-sphere.

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  • Thomas Schneider

    Thomas Schneider: Director, Technology transformation

    Thomas is a Director at KPMG with a focus on IT strategy and technology transformation. He has worked as chief architect and program manager on major IT transformations, where he handles both the analysis phase and the strategy setting, management and implementation.

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  • Phuongdan Hoai Truong

    Phuongdan Truong: Employee, ESG

    Phuongdan is a consultant in the ESG Hub, KPMG Denmark’s central for all sustainability related projects and activities, both for internal and external projects. She is passionate about sustainability, supports circular thinking and is committed to initiatives that elevate and improve the green footprint. She is also chair in the KPMG Danish Leaders 2050 network, which has the mission to equip the next generation with the skills, networks and purpose needed to drive towards a more sustainable future.

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