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Our experience shows that the e-balance sheet is a challenge in terms of content and process, where strategic questions are of overriding importance: 

  • How should the interaction between the e-balance sheet and the electronic tax return be managed? 
  • How will the future cooperation with the tax authorities and the tax advisor/tax department be structured?

Current challenges

For accounting partnerships, domestic permanent establishments of foreign companies and tax-privileged corporations, the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) provided for some transitional regulations regarding the first-time application of the e-balance sheet in its letter of 28 September 2011. With the end of the 2014 business year (or the 2014/2015 business year), these transitional regulations on the e-balance sheet will expire for the time being. Partnerships in particular are therefore once again facing major challenges. In addition to the previously obligatory information on the partnership as a whole, both special and supplementary balance sheets must be submitted in the form of a separate data set as well as a shareholder-specific capital account development. 

Our consulting services

You can rely on our extensive experience with e-balance sheet conversions. Together with you, we will develop the appropriate procedure model. 

Our tools

For the secure transmission of the e-balance sheet, we offer you two powerful alternatives with the eFiler and the Taxometer:

  • TaxOne module "eFiler": The eFiler is a module of TaxOne, our fully integrated web-based solution for tax reporting and tax accounting. 
  • Taxometer: The Taxometer is our user-friendly stand-alone solution for e-balance sheet projects. In addition to the transmission of the e-balance sheet, the Taxometer ensures the fast and reliable allocation of your accounts to the taxonomy in a mature and widely tested procedure.