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Customised solutions for the tax challenges of financial service providers

Our clients from the financial services sector (banks, insurance companies, leasing and factoring companies) operate in a challenging market environment. The speed and intensity of change in the regulatory framework, transformation projects and product innovations require targeted support with the tax issues that arise on a daily basis. At the same time, properly accounting for and reporting the economic outcome are also extremely important in order to avert financial and liability losses as well as reputational damage to the business entity.

Providing competent advice in national and international tax matters on a regular basis is one of our key areas of activity. We can support your business entity in developing appropriate solutions and strategies. In doing so, we naturally take into account the constantly changing environment of legislation and case law. Because: We specialise in the financial services sector. Our team of experts has all the relevant industry and product knowledge.

Benefit from our expert knowledge

Our range of advisory services includes regular or ad hoc project-related tax advice with respect to all corporate taxes, particularly:

  • Support in the preparation and review of tax returns, tax declarations, etc.
  • Support with tax audits
  • Assistance with in-court and out-of-court remedies
  • Advice on corporate tax issues relating to day-to-day business operations, e.g. in the form of analyses, opinions, applications for binding information, etc.
  • Tax advice on changes in corporate structure (e.g. change of legal form, tax groups)

In addition, we aim to be the first point of contact for all other tax issues of our customers. In the case of special tax issues, such as income tax questions, we will be happy to put you in touch with the relevant teams of experts at our firm. Our integration into KPMG's Financial Services division also ensures that we can comprehensively and competently address interface issues relating to accounting, regulation, strategy and operations.

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