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Where do companies stand today?

In recent years, German companies have benefited enormously from the economic upswing, the removal of tax and customs borders, and free trade in goods and services. These significant developments have been reinforced by disruptive technologies or digital advancement, while communication and speedy exchange have also simplified trade immensely.

At the same time, however, the risks that companies face in a fast-moving and globalised world have increased. One example is the growing complexity of supply chains: the increase in suppliers has increased dependencies, ultimately having a multiplying effect on various risks.

These risks have become particularly visible during the coronavirus crisis - a crisis whose medical origins have spread to almost all areas of society, coming to affect the functioning of the overall economy and the ability of individual companies to survive.

Risk and crisis management in the area of conflict - meeting increased demands without losing agility

Whether there is a crisis situation or no acute need for action, we help you to reconcile the increased demands on effective risk management systems with your need for agility and economic efficiency:

  • We support you in developing and implementing a risk management system that fits your company, its size and business activities.
  • We help you to meet regulatory (minimum) requirements. 
  • We support you in developing your existing risk management system into a true "business partner" that is seen to provide added value in the company and helps to optimise your organisation's performance.

Depending on the maturity of your (existing) risk management system, we offer you a differentiated service portfolio that meets your level of requirements. From a basic risk early warning system to an integrated, value-based and digitally supported risk management system: thanks to our risk team operating throughout Germany combining various competences with many years' industry experience, and also to our cross-sector know-how from consulting and auditing projects, we know where to start to help you quickly, competently and reliably. 

Do you need support in establishing or further developing your risk management system? Feel free to contact us, and together we will find out how to help you move forward optimally!

Do you need an external opinion regarding the adequacy or effectiveness of your risk management? We would be happy to share our experience from comparable companies, highlight potential for improvement and give you - e.g. within the framework of audits according to IDW auditing standard 981 - the assurance that you and your executive bodies are looking for!

Our entire range of services is based on the overarching fields of auditing and consulting and is intended to provide you with security and guidance with regard to your risk management. 

In consulting, we support you in the implementation and transformation of risk management systems and also offer managed services to deal with operational and strategic tasks.

In auditing, we analyse your risk management system based on criteria from various auditing standards, with a particular focus on the appropriateness and/or effectiveness of your risk management.

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