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Experience shows that the new ESG regulations, especially in the area of non-financial reporting, often result in complex and far-reaching ESG reporting and governance transformation projects.

This presents companies with major challenges outside of their day-to-day operations, in particular due to:  

  • Lack of resources (capacity bottlenecks).
  • Lack of technical expertise to manage the topic in a structured and forward-looking manner
  • Lack of methodological expertise to manage large programmes / projects 

KPMG combines specialist ESG know-how with expertise in the structured management of large and complex programmes and projects in the ESG transformation environment using appropriate tools.

In addition to our specialist ESG expertise, we focus on client-specific, structured and efficient stakeholder, communication, scope, risk, budget, interface, resource and change management.

With our holistic, expert ESG project management approach, we accompany you in your ESG reporting and governance transformation projects.

Benefit from:

  • Years of experience in managing large and complex programmes / projects and coordinating ESG project topics.
  • Understanding of complex issues and interrelationships (technical understanding of transformation projects - not just pure project management)
  • Ensuring quality and overall success 
  • Combination of technical know-how in the ESG context with expertise in structured and efficient programme / project management
  • Increasing efficiency through the use of appropriate tools