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With broad expertise in finance and accounting, we can help with all your accounting matters and your reporting.

Conversion Services

We support you in conversions between various accounting standards (HGB, IFRS, US GAAP).

Accounting Consulting

We advise you on complex accounting and reporting issues. We support you in introducing new accounting standards (e.g. IFRS 15, IFRS 16) and in preparing accounting reports and guidelines. We advise on audit readiness, helping our clients to prepare auditable documents and supporting them in their communication with the auditor. 

Enforcement Advice

We offer (preventive and detective) screening of consolidated financial statements and/or management reports to minimise the risk of error findings by the German Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel (FREP). By conducting an issue analysis, we can identify the matters that are very likely to be picked up by the FREP. In addition, we also assist in preparing lists of requirements. Learn more about our Enforcement Advice now.

Consolidation 360°

Consolidation 360° offers a 360° view of all matters relevant to group financial statements, including processes, methodology and technology & change management. It focuses on the execution of consolidation and reporting measures as well as operational support in preparing the consolidated balance sheet/p&L and all relevant consolidation steps. In addition, we advise on selecting a suitable consolidation software solution and on implementing a technical solution.

Finance as a Service

Do you really have to do everything yourself? Let the experts at KPMG prepare your separate and consolidated financial statements under commercial law in Germany and worldwide. We take care of all tasks related to the preparation of annual financial statements in accordance with German commercial law. Our services include, in particular, reconciling group GAAP and local commercial law, preparing annual financial statements under commercial law and coordinating with the auditor.

Get an overview of Finance as a Service.

Accounting Competence Factory

Do you have to cope with challenges in your policy department due to a lack of specialists, high workloads or time pressure? As a partner or service provider, we offer you extensive flexibility combined with fast, reliable and secure support for accounting issues. Get an overview of the Accounting Competence Factory.

Non-financial reporting services

More and more stakeholder groups are demanding corporate information from an increasingly broad spectrum. Providing both key financials and narrative reporting has become central to corporate communication.

In this context, readers of reports expect financial and non-financial information to be linked so as to give them a holistic view of the company's situation and development. This trend has been reinforced by new regulatory requirements, such as the "EU Taxonomy", a measure set out in the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan and codified in Regulation 2020/852 (Taxonomy Regulation), which imposes new sustainability reporting requirements on large publicly traded companies in the EU with more than 500 employees that are not financial companies. Find out how we can support you with the implementation of the EU Taxonomy and which Better Business Reporting services we offer for you.