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Once again this year, we are providing you with our IFRS model consolidated financial statements (MKA 2023).

Focus on external events: Climate change, geopolitical crises, inflation

The persistently high level of economic uncertainty due to external events, such as the consequences of climate change, inflation and geopolitical crises, such as the conflict in the Middle East or Russia-Ukraine, results in considerable challenges for financial reporting. For companies, this means carefully assessing the impact on business activities and making company-specific disclosures in the consolidated financial statements for the 2023 financial year.

There is a particular focus on climate-related aspects. Investors and regulatory authorities are increasingly demanding more transparency in the financial statements. The MCA 2023 contains exemplary disclosures on climate-related risks and aspects using the example of biological assets, property, plant and equipment, impairment tests and emissions programmes.

We also address the following issues, among others, in the 2023 IFRS model consolidated financial statements:

  • How could the reform of the international tax system to introduce global minimum taxation affect financial reporting?
  • What changes need to be considered with regard to the recognition of deferred taxes in connection with leases and disposal obligations?
  • What effects on disclosures in the notes on accounting policies may result from the amendments to IAS 1 and Practice Statement 2?
  • What effects on financial reporting can result from climate-related business decisions (using the example of a planned replacement of a lorry fleet)?