These are major challenges that our society and economy are currently facing: Territorialism, inflation, sustainability, digital transformation, supply chain disruption - to name a few. And many of them have the potential to leave a major mark on society and businesses.

The year 2023 will be important because big and groundbreaking decisions should be made. The consequences of these decisions will be felt by generations to come. What is decided this year can have an impact for years and decades to come.

This is especially true in the area of infrastructure: many of this year's trends will shape infrastructure in the next decade.

Identify trends early, develop solutions together

For eleven years now, we have been looking at the most important infrastructure trends in "Emerging Trends in Infrastructure". In most cases, we have identified early on the issues that should shape the world of infrastructure over the course of the decade. In the current issue, we again describe the topics that we believe will shape infrastructure in the future.

One thing is clear: these challenges cannot be solved single-handedly. Decision-makers should pull together and develop joint ideas.

The current issue of "Emerging Trends in Infrastructure" deals with what these ideas might look like. Instead of lamenting the state of the world, we want to encourage a rethink and draw attention to possible solutions, technological possibilities and innovative concepts, and thus explore the options that are open to us all.

"Emerging Trends in Infrastructure is aimed at infrastructure managers and decision-makers. The publication is designed to help you look at the challenges and opportunities facing the infrastructure sector this year from a different perspective. Because 2023 will undoubtedly be another year of continuing change.

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