A look into the year 2030: The interaction between humans and technology works perfectly. 

There is trust in the use of data. Cognitive technology interacts with people. 

And: administrative services are free of media discontinuity, user-centred and intuitive. 

Less than eight years separate us from 2030, but expectations are already very high. In many areas - such as technology, society, politics, the economy - the transformation is in full swing and the goals for it are ambitious. So what will the world look like in 2030? And how can the public sector contribute to meeting the great expectations?

We spoke to leaders and gamechangers in the public and private sectors around the world. Read their answers to these questions in the English-language publication "Voices on 2030: Digitising government".

Based on the predictions of the experts interviewed on the future of the digital state, groundbreaking developments can be expected in these five areas by 2030: 

  • A new relationship: Cognitive capabilities will bring about even better interaction between humans and machines.
  • Roadmap of transformation: Governments are rethinking models for a decentralised world. 
  • Decentralisation of data: Control over one's own data is shifting to each individual.
  • The citizen as developer: programming made easy for everyone.
  • Enabling sustainable growth: Digitisation contributes to the achievement of ESG goals.
  • Find out more - you can download the entire report here.

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