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The global automotive industry is facing a variety of challenges. Sustained supply chain difficulties, the semiconductor shortage and the Russia-Ukraine war are just the most visible problems affecting growth and performance in the industry.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the automotive industry was dealing with challenges ranging from falling vehicle ownership to lower profit margins for some of their high-end models. The latest crises have only served to exacerbate these problems. As well as evaluating and introducing new sources of income and business models, it is therefore only logical that automotive manufacturers and suppliers are carefully analysing these sources and models and their impact.

Corporate performance management is one of the issues we have identified as being crucial to the future of the global automotive industry in our 22nd Global Automotive Executive Survey of global automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

More information on the subject in our whitepaper and in the following video:

Good corporate performance management can increase growth and profitability

But what exactly is at the top of the agenda for managers in the automotive industry when it comes to corporate performance management? What instruments and strategies can be used to improve performance and benefit from industry trends? How can companies shift from a product-oriented approach to a digital, customer-focused approach? How will increasing digitalisation, including growing online sales and distribution as well as ESG-related developments, impact their performance?

In our publication Performance tune-up, we examine the challenges facing automotive companies in terms of their growth and profitability and present practicable solutions for overcoming these problems. We also investigate the role of data management and governance (for greater visibility and transparency), strategic partnerships (for data analysis), employee readiness (for the rollout of new digital technologies) and ESG (e.g. reporting).

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