Michael Niederée

Partner, Value Chain Transformation

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Michael Niederée is Partner of the Value Chain Transformation (VCT) department at KPMG. Within Value Chain Transformation he is responsible for two areas: Integrated Automation and Customer.

In the area of Integrated Automation, Michael advises on the identification of value-generating use cases in the field of automation from front to back office processes. He also helps with their conception, testing, technical implementation and integration into existing organisational processes.

In the Customer area, he deals particularly with technology-related issues and the digitalization of the customer journey, the automation of front and back office processes and data analysis of customer interactions (“Customer Analytics”). He also helps choosing which modern technologies can be used for which application and which added values can be realized.

  • Data and Analytics
  • High Growth Markets
  • IT Management
  • IT integration
  • Innovation
  • International Markets
  • Middle Market
  • National Markets
  • Small Enterprises
  • Technology
  • Diploma in International Business