The shared services sector in the CEE region is still growing. In the Czech Republic at least 350 centres are in operation employing more than 150,000 people. We expect further growth of up to 200,000 in 2025.

We are offering our clients with comprehensive solutions and meeting this client demand. Within the regional platform for shared service centers, we can respond to larger scale requirements.

This connectivity means market information from other countries, more flexibility and capacity. KPMG professionals work closely, benefit from each other's expertise, and flexibly address the needs of clients in the region.

Our vision is to continuously innovate professional services to shared service centers.  

While there are common design principles, there is no “one size fits all” model and SSC must be designed to align and enable company priorities. And this is exactly the approach we are bringing to our clients.

We can support you throughout the SSC lifecycle

We can help you with the entire journey of transformation in designing and building SSC. While there are common design principles, there is no “one size fits all” model and SSC must be designed to align and enable company priorities. And this is exactly the approach we are bringing to our clients



We can offer you wide range of services:

IT services:

- IT application management - Enabling technology
- Standardizing services with a common technology platform across ERP, applications, and tools
- Data and analytics enhancing value
- IT governance
- IT security
- IT compliance

Accounting advisory services (AAS):

- Establishing the SSC accounting
- Supporting the SSC accounting at various stages of the life cycle
- Advisory related to accounting changesprojects
- Advisory related to the harmonization of accounting principles
- Advisory related to reporting and consolidations
- Conversion and convergence services
- Audit support
- IPO and bond issue services

Accounting services and payroll:

- Bookeeping services
- Payroll services
- Managerial reporting services
- Outsourcing
- Top management payroll
- Optimization of SSC accounting

Training and education:

- KPMG Business Institute: Managerial education to SSCs
- Public trainings sessions
- Tailor-made trainings for SSC‘s
- Tailor-made training on the CEE regional level


- Establishing the SSC tax (tax concentrating in one SSC usually combined with small local teams and local KPMG support in individual jurisdictions)
- Cross-border employment tax aspects (e.g. home office issues)
- Tax health check for SSCs carried once every 3-4 years, including a review of the tax compliance system and internal tax processes:

  • Identification of CIT tax risks
  • Identification and review of transactions from the VAT perspective (transactions between PE/branch and headquarters)
  • Review of employment benefit schemes from Corporate as well as Personal income tax
  • Other taxes review

Financial Risk Management Services:

- Services related to financial istruments, accounting and valuation
- Methodological advisory according to IFRS and Czech GAAP
- Impairment models according to the Expected Credit Loss concept of IFRS 9
- Valuation of finacial instruments and hedge accounting assistance
- Financial Reporting Assistance
- Coveragance of all types of financial instruments, e.g. bonds, loans, equity, trade receivables, derivatives and structured products.

Compliance Services:

- Compliance management systems – review, design and implementation
- Compliance function – partial/full outsourcing
- SSC compliance training
- Specific compliance agendas and topics:

  • Risk management
  • Controls
  • System of internal guidelines
  • Third Party risk
  • Outsourcing
  • AML
  • Digitalisation and Transformation


- Services for insurance service centers in all stages of lifecycle
- Advisory related to insurance accounting (e.g., IFRS 4 specifics)
- Services related to IFRS 17 (training, readiness assessments, project plans, project management, implementation support, quality assurance, etc.)
- Advisory services related to the Solvency II framework
- Actuarial services