About us

Does the state utilise public funds in the best possible way? The inhabitants of the Czech Republic ask this question of their institutions with increasing intensity. They also want to know whether EU funds are being drawn upon in the most effective manner. According to our data, the Czech Republic does not deserve top grades when it comes to drawing upon European funds. Appropriate advisory services could help to improve the situation. 

We can help in increasing the transparency, responsibility and the effectiveness of public institutions and processes on all levels of public administration.  

We are members of the Coalition for Transparent Business and signatories of the Recommendations for Suppliers of Public Contracts.


  • Thanks to being part of a global network of expert, we can draw on experience with public sector reforms from the most developed countries in the world.
  • We will you help you with the open publications of data to make it comprehensible and easily accessible to the public.
  • We will conduct an audit and advise you how to make sure that your institution will utilise public funds effectively.
  • With the help of our audit and analysis of the entire institution, we will find possible personnel reserves.
  • Our team includes EU funds specialists who can prepare projects co-financed with EU funding for you.  

Who we have helped

In this sector, we have advised numerous Czech ministries, institutions and municipalities. Among our projects was also an analysis of necessary processes for Czech public institutions prior to the introduction of the euro.