About us

A significant number of Czech family businesses will soon have to face a watershed moment in their company history: after years of expansion, the time has come to sell the family business or to think about who to hand the company over to. Our experience has shown that it pays to consider this key moment well in advance – when the owners are in their mid-fifties. KPMG can guide you through this demanding process. We can be at your side during your first considerations, during the actual hand-over and while you implement new succession rules according to which your family firm will function well in the years to come.


  • Thanks to our global network of experts we can rely on international experience in smooth family firm hand overs – be it to family successors or to employees. We can prepare you for the possible risks and train your successor.
  • Would you prefer to sell your firm? We can value it, help you find a buyer and see the transaction trough to its successful completion.
  • In cooperation with our experts from different sectors we can also advise you on where to invest your income from the sale of your firm.
  • If you are currently not thinking about handing over your company and want to continue growing, we can advise you on where to find potential for further growth.
  • Do you consider safekeeping your assets for future generations your main goal? We can help you design a strategy that will minimise your risks.

Who we have helped

We have offered our advice to numerous Czech family businesses who were
considering selling their business or handing it over to the next generation.
Among our long-term clients we count several large Czech family businesses.