Social responsibility activities have become an integral part of all our departments. 

Making sustainable development goals (SDGs) our own

We feel that education is an area to which we as a knowledge- and skill-based organisation can contribute the most. We perceive the goal to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” not just as one of the goals but a key factor for all 17 of them. Education and lifelong learning represent a path out of poverty and towards success and help fortify society against instability and inequality. With our internal and external programmes we contribute to the development of education and literacy in Czech society and deepen the knowledge and skills of our employees, all the while contributing to the gradual fulfilment of other sustainment goals. 

Stakeholders’ dialogue

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We address the social, economic, and environmental impacts of our business. We keep in touch with our individual stakeholders and collaborate with them on a range of important sustainability issues.

Among our stakeholders are: 

In discussions with our priority stakeholders, we have identified the following key topics that will remain in our focus and that we will continue to report on:

  • economic results
  • ethics and transparency, independence
  • relationship with clients
  • environmental protection
  • education
  • diversity and equal opportunities
  • local communities.