KPMG International is a global network of independent companies operating in 145 countries throughout the world. It is staffed by more than 236,000 professionals with multidisciplinary skills and offers audit, tax, and advisory services.

Our vision

We love being part of our clients’ success. We are proud of the KPMG brand and the direction our firm is taking.

We want to be an attractive employer for university graduates, provide excellent services for successful companies, and hence become a highly sought-after partner delivering the best services in the field.

Over the years, KPMG staff has created a unique corporate culture that is based on strong values. We are considerate of the environment and provide assistance towards sustainability to a number of organisations.

Our firm continues to be built on the uniqueness of our people. We are not afraid to be different from others, while the trust of the public remains key to us. We want to be The Clear Choice for both clients and employees. 

Our values

Our values represent what we believe in and what is important to us. They guide our behaviour, decision-making and cooperation.

KPMG in the Czech Republic

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KPMG in the Czech Republic has been offering audit, tax and advisory services for 30 years. Among KPMG’s clients are significant Czech as well as international entities, representatives of the public sector, and non-profit organisations.

1990 – KPMG is founded by František Dostálek and Jan Žůrek.

1991 – Within the first wave of privatisations, KPMG conducts the first audits and stands at the inception of the first tax laws in a democratic Czechoslovakia. The firm is growing rapidly and expanding, opening additional offices in Brno, Jablonec, and České Budějovice.

1996 – KPMG in the Czech Republic employs almost 500 people.

2015 – the number of employees reaches 900 and the firm reports revenues of over
CZK 1.4 billion. 


KPMG in the Czech Republic as of 30 September 2020: 

In the fiscal year ending on 30 September 2020, KPMG in the Czech Republic offered client services through the following four operating entities:

  • KPMG Česká republika, s. r. o. (“KPMG ČR”, founded in 1990)
  • KPMG Česká republika Audit, s. r. o. (“KPMG Audit”, founded in 1993)
  • KPMG Legal s. r. o., law office (“KPMG Legal”, founded in 2010).


All KPMG companies in the Czech Republic have their registered office in Prague, at Pobřežní 648/1a. KPMG ČR and KPMG Audit also have offices in Brno, České Budějovice, and Ostrava 


Financial indicators

KPMG Česká republika, s. r. o., KPMG Česká republika Audit, s. r. o., form one consolidated entity with KPMG Czech Republic Holding s. r. o.  (the “KPMG Group”), which in its statutory consolidated financial statements reported the following financial data:

Management and organisational structure

Managing partner

The managing partner leads the management committee and makes sure that its members are provided with accurate, timely, and clear information.  JUDr. Ing. Radek Halíček has been the managing partner for all entities of KPMG in the Czech Republic since the fiscal year 2017.

Management committee

The managing body of the firm is the management committee, responsible for the sustainable growth of the entity. The management committee assures the firm’s organisational management, sets the corporate strategy, and watches over its fulfilment, while comparing the firm’s actual results with the entrepreneurial plan.  

The management committee has six members. In the fiscal year 2020, its composition was as follows:

Radek Halíček

managing partner, partner in charge of Tax and Legal Services 

Petr Škoda

deputy managing partner, COO


Carolyn Břečťanová

partner in charge of Risk and Quality Management

Petr Bučík

partner in charge of Management Consulting 

Pavel Kliment

partner in charge of Risk Consulting and Deals

Jindřich Vašina

partner in charge of Audit Services


Together, the partners are responsible for the firm’s corporate strategy and for the oversight over its implementation. They regularly review issues of great importance to the firm. These include its operational and financial performance, annual business plans and budgets, new business proposals, marketing, the development of new technologies and work methodologies, remuneration and risk management. 

Services provided by KPMG in the Czech Republic

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KPMG’s Audit provides trustworthy and intelligible information about a company’s financial state. Our sector-oriented teams utilise our detailed knowledge of industrial sectors and employ data analysis. Our experts specialise in the financial sector, real estate, energy, industrial enterprises, retail, the automotive industry as well as telecommunications. During audits, they always consider the individual sector’s specifics. KPMG also benefits from the work of actuaries, tax advisors, forensic auditors, valuation and IT experts.


Tax Advisory services

On both local and international levels, tax systems are undergoing dynamic and significant changes. Our tax advisors keep abreast of legislative developments, case law, and changes in the tax administrator’s approach. They cooperate closely with our law offices. Thanks to our broad knowledge of accounting and tax legislation and our membership in KPMG’s global network of firms, we can offer comprehensive advisory services including a broad scale of specialised services.


Legal Services

The law offices of KPMG Legal focus on corporate law, transaction advisory services, regulatory issues, technology law, labour law issues, public tenders and PPPs, family businesses, succession issues, arbitration, and of course tax litigation. KPMG Legal offers its services to Czech and international clients from all sectors. On numerous projects, it regularly cooperates closely with its expert colleagues from KPMG in the Czech Republic. Apart from traditional services, KPMG Legal also offers specialised legal assistance either closely linked with other services that law offices usually do not provide or requiring highly specialised expertise, e.g., in the area of investment funds.


Advisory services: Management Consulting

Our consultants link knowledge with data and technology. They offer measurable results and provide local expertise with a global perspective. Our team is made up of specialists in finance, the energy industry, the public sector, telecommunications, manufacturing companies, sports advisory, and other areas. Technological developments are changing traditional business models, and companies are faced with geopolitical as well as macroeconomic changes. To remain successful, they must gain and retain a competitive advantage and at the same time deal with the demands of indispensable austerity measures. Our advisory services enable them to successfully continue in their endeavours.


Advisory services: Deals

Our consultants think like investors and actively look for acquisition, selling, partnership, and investment opportunities as well as ways to increase effectiveness. As part of every project, we consider all business aspects, utilise analytical tools and recognise the specifics of individual business sectors. With deep knowledge of the local market, we offer impartial advisory and expert services independent from any financing sources. At our side stands KPMG’s entire global network of member firms with the know-how of more than a thousand experts in more than 50 countries.


Advisory services: Risk Consulting

Risk management is a strategic and essential prerequisite for any successful business undertaking. Companies are at the centre of ever-increasing geopolitical, reputational, and regulatory risks, and need to address these threats. To successfully address these risks, companies need to implement effective risk management processes into their decision-making. Our team of more than 100 professionals can help them do just that, as it includes experts in regulatory requirements, financial, operational and IT risk management, as well as specialists with extensive experience in internal audit, fraud investigation, actuarial, sustainability, and other related areas.


Accounting Services & Payroll

Accounting Services & Payroll aims to always adapt its services to the specific needs of our clients, thus helping them lower their business costs. We advise on how to better take care of a company’s bookkeeping and payroll agenda and how to manage one’s business better. We offer financial accounting and management reporting services. Providing outsourcing services, we can take over a company’s entire payroll process, paying out wages and dealing with all connected administrative aspects. While processing a client’s payroll, we can tie into their internal processes. We also offer several administrative support services, including the documentation and processing of payment orders, invoices, statistics reports, and travel expenses.


In the Czech Republic, we systematically focus on the following sectors:

  • financial services (banking and insurance industries, as well as investment funds)
  • energy
  • manufacturing and industrial companies
  • building industry and real estate
  • retail
  • automotive industry
  • transportation and logistics
  • family businesses
  • telecommunications
  • public administration.


An important role in business development is also played by our Korean and Japanese desks. Colleagues from member firms in these countries develop relationships with expatriates in the services of foreign investors in the Czech Republic.

KPMG International global network


KPMG has an unwavering commitment to quality and integrity. It begins with the extraordinary people we recruit and the values we instil in developing professionals committed to meeting our responsibilities to clients, capital markets, regulators, communities, and the public. Our culture of ‘doing the right thing’ means the way we work is just as important as the work itself.

Bill Thomas,
chair of KPMG International

Each member firm of the global KPMG network is referred to and identified as a legally independent and separate entity independently responsible for its management and the quality of its services. Member firms may use the KPMG name, brand, and methods, provided they agree to abide by KPMG’s global values.

KPMG International undertakes activities to benefit the global network of KPMG member firms but does not offer professional services to clients. Such services are offered exclusively by KPMG member firms. 

One of the most important goals of KPMG International is to assist member firms in providing audit, tax, and advisory services at a consistently high level of quality. Thus, KPMG International e.g., sets and assists in the implementation and adherence to uniform rules and standards in the functioning of the independent member firms.

KPMG International ensures that internal rules and standards are the same in all member firms and serve the common brand, thus contributing to the sustainability of the group as a whole.

All member firm are obliged to adhere to KPMG’s corporate policy and rules pertaining to quality standards.

This structure built upon the member firms strengthens KPMG International's global strategy, ensures that its values are adhered to and that the standard of services throughout all global markets remains the same. This approach allows for the continuous sharing of knowledge and expertise among professionals throughout the global network. 

FY20: 1 October 2019 - 30 September 2020

The financial information represented here represents the combined information of KPMG's independent member firms affiliated to KPMG International Limited.

You can read more about KPMG’s global activities in the annual report for 2020, available for download here

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