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Building trust in AI

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, AI emerges as a pivotal force revolutionizing human activity, business operations and societal frameworks. KPMG professionals are working to harnesses the power of AI and accelerate adoption but recognize the inherent complexities and potential risks that accompany such advancements.

At the heart of this approach lies KPMG Trusted AI services, firmly rooted in a foundation of ethical conduct and responsible practices, guided by a Trusted AI Framework. This framework serves as an anchor, aligning KPMG firms’ services with core values while championing principles of transparency, fairness and accountability.

From conceptualization to the final deployment, KPMG professionals help navigate through the intricate terrain of leading technologies, cultivating an environment with confidence and trust in AI's transformative capabilities. By identifying avenues for change, devising action plans and adhering to industry benchmarks, KPMG firms’ suite of AI services not only helps drive innovation but does so in a manner that is both ethical and responsible.

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How KPMG professionals can help

Drawing upon extensive proficiency in risk management alongside innovative digital solutions, KPMG firms help empower organizations to propel toward strategic growth and innovation with integrity and foresight.

Explore our Trusted AI services:

KPMG professionals help tailor frameworks designed to embed Trusted AI principles into various stages of your AI initiatives. Risk assessments for single AI/machine learning (ML) algorithms as well as broad assessment reviews of entire AI programs. Development of AI policies and procedures based on principles of integrity, fairness, resilience and explainability.

KPMG professionals help you ensure accountability throughout the AI lifecycle to integrate trust into your broader ML (Machine Learning) processes. Establish and implement governance, policies, procedures and operating models spanning the AI ecosystem including training, evaluating and continuous monitoring of AI models.

KPMG professionals help you anticipate the impacts of AI regulations and compliance requirements on your AI systems. Conduct detailed checks to align your AI practices with international and industry-specific regulations. Continuous monitoring and updates to keep your AI systems compliant in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

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The KPMG Trusted AI principles

What we aim to do

Throughout the KPMG organization, our approach to trusted AI includes foundational principles that guide our aspirations in this space, demonstrating our commitment to using it responsibly and ethically:


We implement AI as guided by our Values. They are our differentiator and shape a culture that is open, inclusive and operates to the highest ethical standards. Our Values inform our day-to-day behaviours and help us navigate emerging opportunities and challenges.


We prioritize human impact as we deploy AI and recognize the needs of our clients and our people. We are embracing this technology to empower and augment human capabilities — to unleash creativity and improve productivity in a way that allows people to reimagine how they spend their days.


We will adhere to our principles and the ethical pillars that guide how and why we use AI across its lifecycle. We will strive to ensure our data acquisition, governance and usage practices upholds ethical standards and complies with applicable privacy and data protection regulations, as well as any confidentiality requirements.

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