Accelerate the value of generative AI with confidence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world in which we live—impacting many aspects of everyday life, business and society. KPMG Member Firms help organizations utilize the transformative power of AI, including its ethical and responsible use.

As KPMG harnesses the power of AI and accelerates adoption, we recognize that advanced technologies can introduce complexity and AI risks that should be addressed clearly and responsibly.

Throughout the global organization, we are committed to upholding ethical standards for AI solutions that align with our values and professional standards, and that foster the trust of KPMG clients, people, communities and regulators. We are steadfast in our commitment to act in a way that serves the public interest, honors public trust and demonstrates our commitment to professional excellence.

KPMG Trusted AI is our strategic approach and framework to designing, building, deploying and using AI strategies and solutions in a responsible and ethical manner so we can accelerate value with confidence.

Keep reading to discover our principles, ethical pillars and governance.

Trusted AI circle

The KPMG Trusted AI principles

What we aim to do

Throughout the KPMG global organization, our approach to Trusted AI includes foundational principles that guide our aspirations in this space, demonstrating our commitment to using it responsibly and ethically:


We implement AI as guided by our Values. They are our differentiator and shape a culture that is open, inclusive and operates to the highest ethical standards. Our Values inform our day-to-day behaviours and help us navigate emerging opportunities and challenges.


We prioritize human impact as we deploy AI and recognize the needs of our clients and our people. We are embracing this technology to empower and augment human capabilities — to unleash creativity and improve productivity in a way that allows people to reimagine how they spend their days.


We will adhere to our principles and the ethical pillars that guide how and why we use AI across its lifecycle. We will strive to ensure our data acquisition, governance and usage practices upholds ethical standards and complies with applicable privacy and data protection regulations, as well as any confidentiality requirements.

We recognize that the field of AI is rapidly evolving — and so is our approach. As the technology advances and legal, ethical, risk and regulatory standards mature, we will continue to review and evolve our approach as necessary.

The KPMG Trusted AI ethical pillars

How KPMG Member Firms aim to deliver our commitments

Throughout the KPMG organization, our approach to trusted AI rests on ten ethical pillars across the AI lifecycle:


AI solutions should be designed to reduce or eliminate bias against individuals, communities and groups.


AI solutions should include responsible disclosure to provide stakeholders with a clear understanding of what is happening in each solution across the AI lifecycle.


AI solutions should be developed and delivered in a way that answers the questions of how and why a conclusion was drawn from the solution.


Human oversight and responsibility should be embedded across the AI lifecycle to manage risk and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Data integrity

Data used in AI solutions should be acquired in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and assessed for accuracy, completeness, appropriateness and quality to drive trusted decisions.


AI solutions should consistently operate in accordance with their intended purpose and scope and at the desired level of precision.


Robust and resilient practices should be implemented to safeguard AI solutions against bad actors, misinformation or adverse events.


AI solutions should be designed and implemented to safeguard against harm to people, businesses and property.


AI solutions should be designed to comply with applicable privacy and data protection laws and regulations.


AI solutions should be designed to be energy efficient, reduce carbon emissions and support a cleaner environment.

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KPMG Trusted AI approach

Accelerating the value of AI with confidence.

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