Following the 2008 global crisis and the recent events in our country, there is an ever growing importance of entrepreneurship as a key driver of national economic growth. Globally there has been a drive to invest in talent and innovation as a means to create value out of ideas.

The Cypriot economy is also facing medium to long term challenges. Although the economy is expected to return to growth in 2015 there has been a substantial shift in the local economic landscape. Unemployment is at record levels and uncertainty is high due to both local and international developments. This has created both the need and opportunity for entrepreneurship to grow.

We believe that entrepreneurship can play a vital role in creating opportunities that will contribute to economic growth and become a key driver of productivity and stability. Entrepreneurial initiatives can play a crucial part in tackling unemployment and encourage local talent to utilize their skills towards wealth creation within Cyprus.

Innovation and startups drive a nation’s economy and are a key engine of economic growth. Thanks to the lean startup process and technological globalization, entrepreneurs are scaling companies to sizeable revenues with smaller teams and less cash compared to a few years ago. The cycle of innovation is speeding up and talented entrepreneurs are ready to take over and invent the next disruptive technologies.

In responding to these challenges, KPMG Startups has been established to form a reliable and solid base which will assist in the development of new business ideas in Cyprus.

We want to help entrepreneurs transform their startup into a successful business.

“Our strategy begins with our mission; to raise Entrepreneurship awareness and mentor inspired startup ideas, adding value to the Cyprus Entrepreneurial ecosystem.We exist to transform Cyprus into a startup nation. We aim to enlighten the community through workshops, educate around entrepreneurship fundamentals, startup idea initiation, pitching, financing, idea implementation and above all talent development.

We remain true to our values; working together at each step of the way, turning knowledge into value and giving back to our community. We rely on our tenacious interest in massively contributing into transforming Cyprus to an Entrepreneurial hub.”

Through this framework we will provide:

  • A team of KPMG staff dedicated to support and interact with early stage and startup companies
  • A single point of contact for the local community to get insight into experience and knowledge of the KPMG network locally or even globally
  • A hub where the stakeholders of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem can work closely and benefit from each other’s know how
  • Offer assistance for startups at any stage of their development – from those with just a business plan to those with a more established business
  • A setting where early stage companies can create mutual benefit collaborations with other established companies

KPMG Startups consists of a group of professionals of diverse background with respect to their education, their work experience and personality. The team has experience in audit, management consulting, IT advisory, financial advisory and international tax amongst other things.

But the main asset of the team is that the scheme will be held within KPMG’s global network of member firms which can provide a range of ways to support a startup company.

The team can assist in early stage development such as establishing a new business or navigating through the complex legal, financial and operational issues. The team can offer a route to KPMG’s range of services which can support a startup in maintaining accounts, assessing audit requirements and tax matters. Whether it is mentoring, providing support and advice on strategy, raising capital, feasibility studies or assistance in securing local and EU grants we’d be delighted to have a conversation about how we can help. Whatever your needs you can be sure that the KPMG Startups team will be there.

Regardless at which stage your startup is at, the team can offer its support either internally or through its network so you can get on the right track of developing further. In case needed, the team can put you in touch with the right contacts which could assist you in your progress. If you are just starting out we can have a friendly talk and see if we can point you in the right direction. In any case check out our event calendar, come over and meet the team.

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