KPMG Limited has proudly held the “Employer of Equality” certification since 2015. This certification is awarded by the National Certification Body of the Department of Labour Relations for the Implementation of Good Practices on Gender Equality in the Working Environment.

This accreditation is a great recognition for us since it demonstrates that we implement policies and practices which create an inclusive environment free from any stereotypes, inequalities, and discrimination of any form. We are committed to creating an environment in which our people can thrive by offering equal opportunities for professional advancement and life-long learning as well as supporting them to better integrate their personal and professional lives. What is more, we implement a performance appraisal process which leads to fair and equal pay based on the work performed by everyone regardless of their gender.

Some of the policies and practices we have implemented over the years are: 

  • unbiased recruitment process – attracting talent based on skills, knowledge and their potential
  • sexual harassment and mindfulness sessions – mandatory trainings for leadership
  • reduced working hours for parents – optional for parents who wish to work less hours in order to better balance their role as parents
  • hybrid working model – giving flexibility to our people to adjust the place they work depending on their needs
  • flexible work schedule – flexible working hours, FlexFridays and reduced weekly working hours during the summer
  • Supplementing the maternity and paternity allowance – supporting parents so they can earn their full salary during their maternity/paternity
  • Parenting academy – sharing experiences in workshops under the facilitation of our own occupational psychologist
  • Equal pay and fair appraisal system – payrises and promotions are determined solely on the individual’s work performance and potential 

Under the umbrella of our wellbeing strategy, we encourage our people to participate in various events that promote equality, contribute to society and raise awareness on various important topics. We are firm believers in recognizing the efforts and achievements of our people which are duly celebrated.  

Leadership’s commitment to equality

Our Head of People and Equality Officer, Mrs. Maria Karantoni, expressed her gratitude for being able to renew this certification once again and reconfirmed our commitment to continue leading an inclusive and diversified organization. Equal treatment and equal opportunities between men and women at all levels is a non-negotiable and respecting everyone for who they are and what they bring to the organization is deeply rooted in our values. These behaviors and commitments are fully embedded into our daily interactions with our clients, colleagues and associates.

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