"KPMG looks to promote innovative business transformation by developing and utilising the most up-and-coming business solutions available that will integrate into the day-to-day operations of any business. This is achieved through the dedication KPMG has to its clients but also the ample support and investment into creating future leaders and innovators. "



Please describe your role at KPMG and the kind of work you do.

I lead the SAS team of the Risk Consulting department for KPMG in Cyprus. My role involves interpreting, implementing and enhancing a client’s, usually a Bank’s or an Insurance company’s, SAS infrastructure. This happens through the optimisation of the existing solutions in their systems or customising new solutions according to business needs, always in coordination and interaction with key stakeholders, both from our side and the client’s side. This work captures both the Financial Modelling aspect of Risk Consulting, as well as the Risk and Finance Transformation line of business.

What excites you most about leading the transformation team at KPMG?

The team is comprised of highly motivated young professionals ready to make a difference and motivate change. This creates a unique opportunity for valuable and interesting interactions between people who are keen to make a difference and bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table. The spirit of collaboration which encompasses the team is very rare and not only makes the job more enjoyable, but it also helps bring about innovative approaches to optimising legacy products or decommissioning them and implementing new, more powerful solutions.

What advice would you give to a young professional joining the firm?

SAS and, generally, the transformation business will continue to become more and more popular as time progresses since old legacy products and systems will need to be replaced by newer, faster, more user-friendly solutions. KPMG, taking at heart the industry’s drive for change and innovation, decided to invest in its people by providing comprehensive training on a wide range of technological streams; therefore, young professionals joining such a forward-looking environment will be assisted in not only thriving, but they will also be introduced to both the industry-leading standards and they will be nourished into becoming the future leaders in digital and technological innovation. The future is now!

Where do you feel you make the difference in your role?

Coming from a different educational background relative to Risk and Finance, coupled with my prior experience abroad, has given me a different perspective on how problems can be approached, and how solutions can be devised. These, in conjunction with the acquired in-depth knowledge of the software currently leading has enabled me into making significant contributions to large organisations by providing state-of-the-art implementations and customisations, pioneering approaches into solving difficult problems and coaching young team members to realise, understand and embrace the beauty of making a difference towards both the rest of the team, KPMG as a whole and the clients we are servicing, by understanding the drive for change and the path to achieving it.

Innovative Business Transformation facilitates quick, robust and accurate decision-making by key stakeholders.