Welcome to the new world.

The role of global mobility is evolving in today’s demanding new world and mobility teams are navigating rapid changes in the way we work. Changes like how businesses are run, technological advancements and shifting regulatory and global developments impose new opportunities and challenges for mobility professionals.

Being a brave business advisor, being brave with technology, and being brave in the new work environment – a publication series for global mobility leaders.

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Part 1: Being a brave business advisor

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Featuring the articles:

  • Global Mobility and ESG: what’s in your control?
  • Global Mobility policies: have they kept up?
  • Positioning Global Mobility: who are the new heroes in the new reality?

Part 2: Being brave with technology

Coming soon

Featuring the topics:

  • Making artificial intelligence (AI) tangible
  • The end-to-end Mobility Journey
  • Cross-border data and maintaining compliance
  • Working smarter, not harder

Part 3: Being brave in the new work environment

Coming soon

Featuring the topics:

  • Meeting the requirements of five generations
  • Bringing employees back to work
  • Remote working
  • The latest major technical updates from around the world

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