As market and stakeholder expectations evolve and reporting requirements become mandatory, the ESG information companies publish must be accurate, reliable, and complete to provide confidence in your business.

Traditionally, financial information alone was subject to independent assurance, but organizations are increasingly seeking assurance on a broad range of information that is measurable and actionable. Investors and other stakeholders are demanding more information on climate action, sustainability, governance, and social issues that provide a holistic view of your organization, and information needs to be accurate so that it can be relied upon.

ESG assurance requires the same rigor demanded in your financial statement audit, including understanding the strong link between financial and non-financial information. ESG assurance providers should have the same deep level of understanding of a company’s business model that is required for an audit of financial information. This can help eliminate redundancy, connect risks to each other, and create cost efficiency — in line with your own ESG reporting journey.

KPMG audit professionals can help bridge the gap and provide assurance across a wide range of sectors, frameworks, and metrics to ensure that you can meet the increasing requirements mandated by regulators and expected by stakeholders. Our teams stand ready to serve the public interest in providing ESG assurance over what truly matters.

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