Date: 7 May 2021

In the context of assisting businesses facing liquidity problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Finance announced its immediate intention of submitting a bill to the House of Representatives, which will include relevant amendments for the non-imposition of monetary penalties or interest to taxable persons having VAT payable amount on 10/5/2021, 10/6/2021 and 10/7/2021.

Nevertheless, the amounts due should be paid by 10/8/2021, 10/9/2021 and 10/10/2021 respectively.

It is pointed out that in order for the abovementioned deferral to be applied, taxable persons should timely submit their VAT returns by 10/5/2021, 10/6/2021 and 10/7/2021 respectively.

The announcement published by the Ministry of Finance on 6/5/2021 has not been voted into Law, and it will not be possible to be voted by Monday 10th of May 2021, where the respective VAT payment is due. However, we are of the opinion that the entitled taxable persons can benefit from the deferral provided they timely submit their VAT return, considering that the Law should be voted at a later stage by the new House of Representatives.

It is also noted that the amendment will not cover taxable persons with activities falling into the categories specified in the relevant announcement (refer to the link for more info).

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