KPMG IMPACT is the accelerator for KPMG’s global ESG strategy. It is the platform which supports and empowers KPMG professionals as they assist clients in fulfilling their purpose, achieving their ESG goals, and supporting the world’s attainment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It helps clients across ESG & Sustainability, Economic & Social Development, Sustainable Finance, Climate Change & Decarbonization, and Measurement, Assurance & Reporting.

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Sustainable Development Goals

KPMG International and the UN Global Compact have developed six industry matrices which provide industry-specific practical examples and ideas for action for each Sustainable Development Goal. They profile opportunities which companies expect to create value for shareholders and for society.



Focus areas

KPMG IMPACT focus areas and solutions can help organizations enhance, accelerate, and build a sustainable future that drive growth and profitability. Learn how these tools are helping firm clients achieve results with our IMPACT stories.

Environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability

Developing responsible and sustainable strategies, business models, operations and investments.

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Economic and social development

Measuring impact and enabling societies to grow in a more equitable way by reducing vulnerabilities and allowing economies to prosper.

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Sustainable finance

Integration of ESG in responsible investment, financing, insurance and corporate finance strategies and processes.

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Climate change and decarbonization

Driving business models, products and services that address climate change and to help clients reduce carbon emissions.

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IMPACT measurement, assurance and reporting

Enabling clients to devise improved methods, tools and frameworks to better track and measure performance.

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KPMG IMPACT firm leaders employ leading practices, research and trusted client solutions to help you navigate the biggest issues facing our planet.


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