Cyprus Facts & Recognitions


Cyprus is ranked 5th worldwide in terms of safety and the 1st among smaller countries (Value Penguin 2015) while is the 4th best retirement destination globally (Knight Frank 2016). It has the most blue flag beaches (59) per capita in the EU (Eurostat), while its bathing waters’ quality is ranked as “excellent”(EEA Report 2016). Lastly, it was recognised as the best island economy lifestyle & human capital 2017/2018 (Fdi magazine)

Located at the Eastern Mediterranean sea between three continents (Africa, Europe, Asia), Cyprus, part of the EU and the Eurozone, covers an area of 9.251 square kilometers and is the home of 854.800 people. 

Cyprus has been experiencing strong and consistent growth in its financial, tourism and leisure service industries and is fast becoming the jurisdiction of choice. Thanks to the renewed boost in confidence, foreign investment increased, merely attracted by the improved economic climate and the prospects in the real estate, investment fund, shipping, construction, tourism and energy sectors.

With a competitive, modern and transparent legal, financial and regulatory framework, Cyprus emerged as a credible and highly reputable financial center, full FATF compliant, with memberships in UN, Council of Europe, OSCE, WTO, World Bank, IBRD.

Why set up your headquarters in Cyprus?

  • A can-do business environment

    Cyprus’ wide range of services make starting and running a business an easy task to implement, with low set-up costs and fast filing. The business landscape and economic model of the island offers a variety of industries to engage with: Banking & Financial Services, Investment Funds, Shipping, Tourism, Health & Wellness Tourism, Real Estate, Start-Ups & Innovation, Energy.With more than 30 years of experience as an International Business Centre, more than 4.000 registered accountants & 700 registered accounting firms (including all major global firms) and more than 3.000 registered lawyers and 160 law firms, headquartering office implies substance in Cyprus and this is of vital importance, given the transparency of financial reporting and the adoption of Common Reporting Standards by the Republic of Cyprus.

  • Pro-business government and easy access to decision makers

    Cyprus is a full member of the European Union since 2004, member of the Eurozone since 2008 and part of the European Single Market; enjoying free movement of goods, services and capital. Therefore, companies in Cyprus have full access to European markets plus benefiting from more than 40 EU trade agreements and 64 double tax treaties. The government officials are easily accessible and strongly support investments and international business activity. The island is benefited by excellent telecommunication links and air connectivity through two modern international airports.76% of the population in Cyprus speaks English. In fact, the Business Language in Cyprus is English, with a wide range of functions to be conducted in English. Many university programs in Cyprus are taught in English and are recognised worldwide. A number of high-standard educational institutions teach entirely in English with many of them having British or American university affiliation.

  • Highly-skilled workforce

    Despite the constant challenges of today's ever-changing political and economic international environment, Cyprus continues to remain a competitive financial centre with high-skilled and experienced professionals. Cyprus offers visa-free access to European talent and forms itself a hub for accessing the youngest population and workforce in the EU (55% of the workforce has a tertiary degree - UK, USA & Europe). The private education sector is booming with 3 public and 5 private universities of high standard attracting every year students from all over the world. Multilingual workforce can be traced in Cyprus at highly competitive fees.

Cyprus has been experiencing strong and consistent growth in its financial, tourism and leisure service industries


Advantageous Tax Regime

Cyprus offers one of the most attractive tax regimes in Europe. A member of the European Union since 2004, Cyprus’ regulatory regime is in full compliance with the requirements of the EU and OECD. The island’s advantageous tax rate makes it the jurisdiction of choice in regards to headquartering and more specifically international tax arrangements.Key Features of the Cyprus Tax System: 

  • The low 12, 5% corporate tax rate.
  • EU & OECD Compliant/Access to EU directives Dividend participation exemption.
  • No tax on profits from disposal of securities and no tax on capital gains under conditions.
  • Attractive IP Regime and attractive income.
  • Tax for New Residents Dividend income (non domiciled scheme) and profit on sale of shares and other securities is tax exempt.
  • The VAT on acquisition of new residential property can be as low as 5%.
  • There are no transfer fees if the transaction is subject to VAT and 50% if not Immovable Property.
  • Tax (IPT) was fully abolished from January 2017.
  • Can provide an EU Passport with a minimum investment of €2 million 50% tax exemption to all newcomers employees with annual salary at least €100.000.
  • Tax on overseas pensions with one of the lowest rate - 5%.
  • Special reduced VAT for private yachts No withholding tax on outgoing payments (dividends-interest-royalties).


A safe and cosmopolitan lifestyle

Beyond the tremendous economic and tax advantages offered to investors, Cyprus also offers an extremely attractive lifestyle and excellent infrastructure. In a glimpse, Cyprus offers: 

  • Security and safety for the whole family (crime activity extremely low).
  • Exclusive golf resorts, high quality tourist facilities, high standard of living and healthcare.
  • One of the best climates worldwide (the sunniest country in Europe – 340 days per year).
  • Freedom to move, reside and work freely within the EU Mediterranean and International Cuisine. 
  • Hospitality, events of cultural and historical importance.
  • Convenient transportation system island-wide.
  • Excellent public and private international schools.
  • Fast becoming a favorite option for medical, sport and nautical tourist.

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