2019 Transparency Report

KPMG Cyber Day

Educating a connected world: KPMG promotes cyber literacy training in schools for 127.000 young people in 51 countries

For the third year running, KPMG cyber security professionals around the world led informative sessions aimed at educating young students about the importance of cyber security and online safety. The global initiative Global Cyber Day was held during October, which is internationally recognised as the Cyber Security Awareness Month. To help support this important public awareness campaign and to emphasise the vital role that cyber security plays in today’s increasingly digital world, KPMG featured cyber security curated content, including the latest global publications and thought leadership spanning various services and industries.

In a digital age where many young people are logging long hours of screen-time, it is critical that government bodies, parents, teachers, organisations and industry experts all work together to supply them with the information they need to stay safe online and offline. According to a recent report by the Children's Society in the UK, 44% of young people spend more than three hours per day on social media and 9% use social media between midnight and 6am. Alarmingly, the same study found that young people who are currently experiencing mental health problems are more than three times likely to have been bullied online in the last year. This was exacerbated for girls, with 46% stating that social media has had a negative impact on their self-esteem.

Given the tremendous success of the KPMG Cyber Day in 2017 and 2018, this year KPMG in Cyprus participated once again in order to reach as many students as possible. KPMG Cyber Security experts, in collaboration with the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute and the Cyber Safety programme, delivered 13 sessions targeting 1.420 students island-wide. The curriculums, tailored according to students’ age, delivered valuable lessons on how students can stay safe online and how to champion the protection of their own personal data and online security.

Due to increased demand, the programme is expected to continue in the upcoming years, aiming to reach a larger number of students. Given the importance of keeping youth safe online, some schools have also requested to run similar sessions for parents and teachers too.

The Global Cyber Day initiative supports KPMG's corporate citizenship focus on Quality Education and Lifelong Learning and the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals to promote and support safe, effective learning environments.