2018 Transparency Report

Project Scishops

Project Scishops: Bringing together the industry, academia and the community by facilitating research

Excellence is achieved when all cogs of a system operate harmoniously and complementary to each other. Subsequently, innovation is the natural result of the pursuit of maximum efficiency. When the industry seeks efficient methods of operations, academia has the tools to deliver; when the community seeks environmentally sustainable approaches, the industry has the ability to deliver; when academia seeks applicability of research results, both the industry and the community are the catalysts.

Our continuous effort to provide the best quality results to our clients, to form the best possible collaborations and at the same time serve our community, is our driving force for the creation of the links between research, the market and the society. It is for these reasons that our participation in project Scishops creates this sort of added value. Project Scishops aims to enhancing the responsible and sustainable expansion of the Science Shops ecosystem in Europe. It succeeded to receive European Union funding through the Horizon 2020 program. It is implemented in 13 countries of the EU and in 10 of those including our country, a new Science Shop is created. We are the owners of the Cypriot Science Shop. A center for the production and facilitation of research. A place for co-creation, the inception of innovative ideas and the solution of pressing challenges.

The KPMG Science Shop was created to facilitate research. Through partnerships with the island’s educational institutions, it aspires not only to provide solutions, but also to maintain and enlarge our already large network of stakeholders. Through a process of ‘everybody wins’, we seek to activate all cogs of the system towards common success. A research question is provided by the community, academia conducts research, and we capitalize on the results.

Through project Scishops, we collaborate with leading academic institutions and research centers from all around Europe. We take pride to participate in such a prestigious and diverse consortium of organizations.

Our broad network in Europe and beyond, makes it possible to make this assignment international. Our work has the potential to prove beneficial and a best practice to member firms which engage in similar activities. As such, we will continuously aim to create value to our collaborators, our clients and the community, in the long run.