2018 Transparency Report


SnapWalker - Turning customer insight into an enabler for transformation

For a customer-centric business, the customer should be a constant reference point and an integral part of strategy. Understanding what motivates customers is key for achieving growth today as well as tomorrow. It is more about identifying the forces behind decision-making and customer spending but also the experiences that can make or break customer loyalty and advocacy. Customer insight is a vital strategic business asset but only a few companies today are able to harness it effectively. By integrating customer insights into decision-making processes, organisations can learn how their actions impact customer behavior and attitudes.

While traditional customer surveys can serve as a means of feedback gathering, a real-time assessment of the customer’s feelings at every single touchpoint of the customer journey is what will enable targeted and effective decision-making. Looking at the end-to-end journey allows everyone across the organisation to understand the role each channel plays and the different routes customers can take to achieve their desired outcome, in addition to how internal processes, policies and activities influence each customer’s journey.

In our effort to help our clients deliver outstanding customer experience, we have developed a solution that can help our clients turn customer insight into an enabler for transformation, by combining our technology and digital services capabilities together with our deep knowledge of customer experience transformation.

SnapWalker, the experience capturing solution, is used to collect feedback from customers during their end-to-end interaction with an organisation through a mobile application. SnapWalker is customised to depict the customer journey, providing the opportunity for a phased evaluation of the experience by customers. This feedback is then used to assess the customer journey, identifying the areas of improvement and the solutions that will transform the customer experience.

SnapWalker can serve as a tool for collecting on-the-spot customer insight, which is not limited to plain comments, but can rather be enhanced with pictures, videos and recordings, while customers are also able to rate their experience at each phase and touchpoint of their journey. Our solution provides a real 360-view of each customer, enabling our clients to take action and deliver at the moments that matter the most.