KPMG’s global network of member firms was acknowledged in 2018 by ALM Intelligence as leading global providers in sourcing strategy consulting. ALM rated KPMG as ‘very strong’ on operating system and management system, and also scored KPMG 'strong' across external market insight, strategy, project management and enabling tools.

Taking advantage of advances in automation and analytics, KPMG assists clients in category management innovation, linking category demand and cost to business activities.

The ALM Vanguard: Sourcing Strategy Consulting
October 2018

ALM remarked in its report that KPMG has “strong foundational frameworks for sourcing and procurement functions. KPMG effectively devises and implements sourcing strategies that make optimal use of data and analytics to improve decision making capability with a keen awareness of potential risk. The organization’s extensive thought leadership and research ensures clients are taking advantage of the latest trends in operating models, digital tools, and supplier relationships to create a lean function that is integrated into overarching business strategies.”

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ALM rated KPMG as "very strong" on needs assessment, external market insight, operating system; and also scored KPMG as "strong" on internal client insight, strategy, management system, project management and enabling tools.

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