In our 2020 Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) study, titled Customer Experience in the New Reality: Hong Kong S.A.R. Edition, we present our analysis on best customer experiences in the new reality. To do so, we surveyed over 1,000 Hong Kong based consumers who rated their experiences with over 60 local and international brands across five industry sectors: Financial Services, Grocery, Retail, Logistics and Travel and Hotels.

Based on eleven years of global research across 27 markets, KPMG has defined and validated six fundamental components of Customer Experience Excellence – Personalisation, Integrity, Expectations, Resolution, Time and Effort, and Empathy – collectively referred to as the KPMG Six Pillars of Customer Excellence. Brands that master these have demonstrated increased brand loyalty and advocacy.

The analysis found that overall customer experience score across all sectors remained at a similar level to last year (2020: 6.8/10; 2019: 6.9/10). ‘Expectations’ and ‘Personalisation’ were the key drivers for overall customer experience and the crucial motivators for enhancing brand loyalty, while ‘Integrity’ was the most important for driving customer advocacy in Hong Kong.